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Day 1- Way to Appi Ski Resort & Adventure spirit of Arc'Teryx
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Day 1 The way to Appi & The Adventure Spirit of Arc'teryx
The Asiana Airlines flight from Incheon Airport to Sendai Airport, which is adjacent to the Appi Ski resort, departed at 8:20 am and headed for the airport from dawn .
A step toward Incheon International Airport for back country ski trip when the light In addition, I can not meet Arctetrix's professional backcountry skier .
(It is always fun to feel at the airport before flying .)
It was Saturday morning and there were more outbound people than I thought My plan to pack a load early and have a leisurely Morning Coffee was hastily rushed to the thought that I would be glad if I went across the water and boarded the flight time .
From the check-in line, there were people who were prominent It was a free departure, and the meeting point for meeting with Japanese ski dot coms was the Sendai Airport, so all the members came to know that they did not know who the members were If you are going to the resort of Japan at Arcteryx backcountry ski camp, you will see it again There is a reason why the color of the Arc'teryx is noticeable, but it is also the imagination that we have been wearing it because of the Arcteryx backcountry ski camp .
Fortunately, I had finished my departure procedures in time and it seemed to arrive exactly at the time of flight I was expecting a different or not From Incheon International Airport, all the striking people gathered at the boarding gate to Sendai Airport, greeted briefly to those who participated in the camp, and embarked on the plane .
From Incheon International Airport to Sendai Airport, the flight time was about 2 hours and 20 minutes .
At the end of the immigration process, there was a local guide holding the Arcteryx backcountry ski camp sign, and it was realizing that those who gathered there greeted each other formally and joined the Arcadex backcountry ski camp .
Always clean Japan airports . Japan is always clean .)
Japan ( On the bus, Mr. Han Wang-eik expresses the details of the Abi resort, and the Tohoku region of Japan's northeast, whereHachimantai Mountain , I explained about Itwate city Iwate city in the Tohoku region, northeast Japan, the climate is one to always be gentle for the year was a good place to live as a representative in Japan But once you move to the mountains, you can see snow with a lot of powder snow during the winter .
We are staying operating period of Appi Ski Resort is 12 from April to early May inde until early May , Appi sources such as Albert of Austria keuna United States Aspen , latitude, such as ski areas, representing the world's 40 is located in Fig , national park It resulted in the elevation of Hachimantai 1,305m slopes spread to the west of Moriyama acid (Gelande) in 12 since the beginning of may 5, you can enjoy skiing until early years In particular, the 5.5- kilometer Yamabotosu course , which descends from the top of Mt. Maoriyama, can be enjoyed by novice skiers Appi Ski Resort is Colorful high-quality slopes and winter activities program with a focus on the long course , which has a substantial accommodation .
I was in a shopping mall for lunch . The sky was very clear .)
(We gather together at Ion Shopping Mall and have lunch and socialize ......)

Sendai gongha Appi resort to third degree geolrineunde hour and a half , we have two relax while deulryeoseo ion shopping mall 'clock, the time was about to go to lunch I went to Aeon shopping mall and went shopping around the place. I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant The taste of Chinese food in Japan was a bit strange, but it suited my taste better than I thought But if you eat Chinese food, I think Korean Chinese house is the best .

I ate lunch, and after an hour or so I finally arrived at the Appi ski resort Let's check in as soon as I arrived , was the room of two beds and tatami room suite had a large family forms The size of the room was big enough for 6 adults Above all, Maemori Mounain of the Appi ski resort which I looked at from the room looked in front and liked very much .
Representative of the one-king of Japan who is briefing at the lobby of the Appi resort )
Go to check in )
In our room so the front mountain village Mori startled too good . Choegiryeon mountain skier's )
We all come together and have dinner together ...)
After unpacking and unpacking in a hot spring bath, I gathered at 813 after dinner There we greeted the Arcteryx team who came to see us in Canada andwas waiting for the Arcteryx Korea team and the Japan team .
Jeonseongho who is responsible for marketing chief ! I wo air cheerfully proceeds neungran neungsu ).
Hanwang way representative of the sport of Nelson jeonghojin daepyonim and Japan to import Arc'teryx ski dot in Korea's )
First of all, the welcome greetings of Mr. Hwang Jin-jin of Arctetics Korea started and the welcome of Mr. Han Wang-eik of Japan was followed .
Then followed the introduction of the Canadian team Arc'teryx jyeotneunde, Arc'teryx backcountry skier in Forrest Coots, White Line Arc'teryx Designer Sarah Wallace, and finally Arc'teryx video director and renowned Skier's Journey to the famous Jordan Manley was introduced.
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