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Day 2-Powder skiing lesson & craftmanship of Arc'Teryx
Writer TEAMAX Date 2017/03/05 Hit 1686
Day 2 - Powder ski lessons & craftsmanship of the Arc'teryx
Finally the morning was bright. Today is the day we all gather together, skate with Forrest Coots and have a check on powder skins. At 8:30 am, they all gathered in the hotel lobby and moved to the gondola station. I took the first gondola to the summit of Mae Mori (1,305m) and moved to the left to move to Nishimori Mountain (1,328m). Through the lift, I moved to the summit, and all the powdery eyes shining like jewels around me disturbed my eyes.

(Near the top of Mt. Nishimori, where we shared a team.)
Fortunately, there was a large, flat area at the top, so we could brief the camp participants. Once I saw the shotton technique, I divided the group into A and B, and A group, Advanced group, took a one-point lesson and ski tour with Forest and decided to proceed with group B, Intermediate group.
He starts his first turn to demonstrate Shotton, and he goes into powder skiing. It was a powder slope that slipped over the ankle as a whole. Simply riding on the slopes was exciting.
It would have been the same for campers as well. I saw one of them coming down and divided into teams A and B, and hastened to go back to the top again to ride the slope with Team B. I summarized again at the summit, and gave a brief explanation of how to make a turn in the powder eye.
1. Paul Checking - Feeling that pole checking begins before the start of the turn
2. Stance - It's easier to turn because you have more buoyancy when you collect the legs.
3. Rebound - Strong rebound between the two legs between the fall line and the second half of the turn creates a strong rebound, making it easy to connect the next turn.
4. Side wall - There is a wall on either side of the wall. If you make a turn by scratching the wall with a ski base, it is easier to make a wide turn during powder skating.
I explained this, practicing the turn on the slope and practicing the powder skirt on the slope. Participants were excited to see the turn of the turn with a little bit of fun, and as the group A sounded an urgent call, some people gathered and looked for something on the slope.
(Everyone gathered and found a lost ski with a single mind. It took about 30 minutes.)
One participant fell and lost skiing in the powder. This is another attraction of powder skimming. B joins the skiing finder, and as a result, about 20 people on the slope descend as they dig into the snow. The problem was that I could not remember where the player fell, and I should have climbed up the ski slope in the early part of the skiing. So it was too hard to find. Luckily, by the time we gave up, I was able to start a powder skating class again, as Arnold, a skier from the camp, was looking for skiing.


(Tree-run course at the resort of Apfy, very snowy snow.)
Most of the participants started their tour to see the various slopes of Mount Appi ski area outside of Nishimori mountain area because there were a lot of people who came to Appi ski area for the first time. While skating on the other slopes, I went into the off-piste area in the middle and practiced the tree-run.
One of the reasons that tree run is difficult is that rhythm is irregular. We turn on a regular rhythm with no turning on the slopes, and we feel the tree-run is difficult because the trees are irregular in the woods, making it difficult for skiers to catch rhythm. There are many good ways to do a tree-run, but the good thing about it is that it's easy to catch a rhythm if you turn around a wooden pole. The feeling of scratching the wooden pillar with the ski base makes the turn of the tree - run easier because the target turns to turn.
As I walked all the way to the tree-run and walked on the slope, the lunch time had just passed, and the A group that I met occasionally also disappeared from sight. I was supposed to change the team at 1 pm, but I thought it would be hard for me to go back to the gondola station again so I decided to continue training with Team B in the afternoon.
(I met a group of Forrest Coots at a gondola boarding restaurant.)
Forrest Coots is a playful and very clumsy mountain man, but when he goes skiing he turns into a pro skier.

(I am very sorry if I come to Japan and pass the Japanese draft beer, but only for one cup of safety ......)
I always eat ramen whenever I come to Japan ski resort. Japanese ramen which is eaten at a ski resort in Japan has something unique and pleasant taste.Others also had ramen noodles and Japanese draft beer. In the middle of eating, A team came in the restaurant. It was just as welcoming as the reunion family. So all the teams gathered together to eat, and in the afternoon they all gathered together and decided to go skating.
We headed to Mount Nishimori again on a gondola in the Maeroriyama area. I wanted to go to the off-piste area next to Yamagara course lift to the summit of Mt. Nishimori from morning. As soon as he reached the summit, he went to the deepest part of the forest through the lift line with A group B. As soon as I entered the box, I felt a powder coming up to my chest. Above all, it was all covered in white snow covered forest, and the sound of the people and the shutter sound of the camera were filled in the forest. Campers went down by one or two, and I captured their sking on the camera. I went down without a mind, but the way was gone. In most cases, it is safe to move above the valley, not below the valley. So I moved to the top of the valley, a few of them were at the bottom of the valley, and there were other participants above the valley. Participants at the bottom of the valley wanted to go down further and I thought it would be safe when I thought so I moved to the bottom of the valley too. Those who were in the upper part of the valley met the slope again and skirted.


(The mountain skier Choi Kye-ryun poses under a wonderful tree.)
(This is the beginning of a full-blown Deep powder Skiing.)
(Powder skirt of representative of Arcteryx Korea Chung Ho Jin)
(The exciting powder skirt continued across the street.)

(Representative Kim Sang-hwan who showed a wonderful skirt during backcountry skating camp)
The powder continued to flow down the valley, and later on the monkey trail, and slid safely off.
It was a very memorable sking. I do not know how much I have done skating in such soft, deep powder eyes.
I continued to move slopes, skirted, and returned to the villa condo. Before returning to the hotel lobby, we took group pictures that we missed and met other teams who were worried about us from the top of the valley down to the valley. It was a rewarding day.
After dinner I headed to 803 to attend the evening seminar. Today, we have been working on a simple topic on Ski Layering by Sarah Wallace, a designer at the headquarters of Arc'teryx Canada, and a session on more technical knowledge of Arc'teryx. Sarah is also a backcountry snowboarder, using split boards for uphill. The next day after a lot of snow, he is a passionate activist who enjoys backcountry skating and goes to work before going to the office.
(On the second day, Sarah Wallace, a White Line Desginer at the headquarters of Arc'teryx Canada, continued the session on the basic layering system and the technology of Arc'teryx.)
In outdoor activities, especially mountaineering in the mountains, the layering system is the most basic and most important part. Asia does not know the importance of the layering system especially in places where there are no large mountains like Korea, but when outdoor activities are performed in areas with large mountains such as Europe and North America, the nature of their activities, It is to prevent unnecessary loss of body energy in order to efficiently protect the body temperature in alpine weather and to prevent unnecessary loss of body temperature and to warm the body again. Especially, those who say that they are specialized in outdoor activities in Korea do not know about this layering system, overlook the advantages, and educate only outdoor activities. It is not a big problem if you are only active in small mountains like Korea, but if you plan to go abroad or plan to do backcountry skiing in nearby Japan, you must plan thoroughly on clothes for layering system.
It is important to plan layering in consideration of sweating according to your outdoor activities, not just simply overlapping your clothes, but also planning your backpack to be layered in a short period of time when you are in a rucksack. If it is delayed for a long time, it may get frostbite or hypothermia.


(Understanding of layering system - layering system)
Sara emphasized that Arc'teryx builds clothes based on a layering system that fits each outdoor activity. Especially backcountry ski suits for backcountry skiers have excellent sweat and water vapor emission and at the same time, they prevent strong winds. Especially, it emphasized the excellent waterproof effect which prevents snow and rain.
Noteworthy is that there are many companies that use Gore-tex fabrics around the world, but only one company, Gore-Tex, is tasked with testing their fabrics.Even so, even Gore-Tex company believes and acknowledges the technology of Arc'teryx.
Soon Sarah talked about the technical skills and craftsmanship of Arc'teryx.
There was a jacket whose zipper shape was quite unique. When the weather was cold, it was uncomfortable that the cold metal zipper touched the chin, but the side winder jacket had a zipper curved out of the stereotypes and sent the zipper side to the side. I did not know that it was the first product Arcteryx invented.

Also, the zippers that first appeared on the waterproof jacket added a watertight turn over the zipper. But to get rid of such unnecessary fabrics, Arcterix was able to create waterproof zippers for the first time and cut off the unwanted parts.
(Waterproofed zippers are now common, but invented by Arc'teryx in the first place.)
But then there was a problem. I made a waterproof zipper, but even if it went up to the end of the zipper, there was a very small very small gap, and I was worried how to handle it. The zipper pocket is made small, making it 100% waterproof.
(It is a house with a zippered head in the pocket above the zipper, so it will be 100% waterproof.)
But Arcteryx said that he was worried again. How can I get rid of that zipper pocket? "He said. So they changed it with a zipper attachment so I removed the zipper pockets that were not very tiny 1g. For professional outdoor players, 1g may be a big change.
(The waterproof zipper is now 100% waterproof.)
In addition, many of Arcteryx's innovative, functional and hands-on products from Sarah Wallas are all products of Arcteryx's designers, developers and athletes' efforts, challenges and craftsmanship.
Finally, among the stories I heard from Sarah, there is the most memorable anecdote.
Dave Lane, the founder and rock climber of Arc'teryx, said it was difficult to operate the Rock Solid Company, the founder of the Arc'teryx in the early days.Then he decided to change his company name to Arc'Teryx by abbreviating Archeopteryx Lithographica, the scientific name of Archeopteryx from a book he drank with his partners and accidentally read. It may or may not be a story to be laughable, but the spirit of Dave Lane at that time, the brand philosophy of 'Evolution in Action', the will and craftsmanship to realize continuous innovation with a different idea than others, such as constantly evolving creatures He is still well on his product.