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Day 4 Backcountry Ski Day 2 & farewell party
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Top red beanie hat on the right, albeit minute Clubman backcountry skiing guide team is the manager Mr.Ikuo Kuragane is 0.2 and the backcountry ski guide in Hachimantai Mountains over for . Spewing a Jedi, like the appearance of Force Expert The minister of ministry .)
Day 4 Backcountry Ski Day 2 & farewell party
As soon as I woke up in the morning, I looked out the window Once the snow stopped and the blue sky was seen I watched the branches shake violently when I was breathing and sighing relievedly The wind was stronger than I thought and my mind was a little nervous .
I ate breakfast and packed the equipment and waited early for other colleagues in the hotel lobby I am delighted to explain that today, unlike Yesterday, I explained that I would move to a course with a longer uphill course and a downhill course .
However, it is regrettable that those who belonged to the group of yesteryear yesterday did not want to disturb others, and were going to skate at the ski resort .
The person who wrote the white beanie hat Junya Kuragane is . Father Mr.Ikuo Kuragane take inherit technology from Japan and now works as a back-country skiing ambassador Arc'teryx lead the club as a top young leaders ).
The clubman bus came and we headed back to Hachimantai with our body on the bus again Prepared to get down to the destination, guide leader Junyabriefed on today's course and explained about the uphill ranks I decided not to go into two groups like yesterday but to move as a group by setting the slow group that belonged to the group of yesteryear at the forefront .
This time, I wanted to have a nice picture of everyone who did the backcountry skating together .)
Guya leader Junya was excited too in good weather .)
Eyes are too good . But look at it from a distance as if gatgido evacuation matrix . Blah )
The weather was so good when I first started hill The floor was all white snow world, and sky was all blue sky and white cloud It was such a beautiful and mysterious day .
There are so Uphill feel good , that which saenga weather jealousy and envy , and began striking the eyes and look from the mountainside Gwaenchaneunde up to snowy so the mighty winds blow Can we go up to the top of the mountain and heard the doubts Moreover, the snow was more than yesterday, and the uphill was not fast .

From this moment it began suddenly do not like the weather .)
Representative Chun Ho Jin of Arcteryx Korea )
However, the Club Managers adjusted the overall uphill speed and allocated the breaks appropriately so that our entire group reached almost the top of one of the many peaks of Hachimantai As he climbed up, he had a lot of snow and a strong wind, so he had to pay particular attention to climbing attire I had to wear gloves, gloves, buffs and a hard -shell jacket hood to protect my nose, cheeks and jaws exposed outside my sunglasses .
From here on, I was nervous because of castration winds and snowstorms . The guide also changed from Junya to Mr.Ikuo .)
The closer you get to the top, the worse the weather is .
So I got up almost three hours and reached almost the top, but as I got closer to the top, the wind was too strong and I could not stand it straight Shortly after there was a moment of silence, Mr. Ikuo, the boss of the club man , changed his plans to give up the normal climb and move to the ridgeline where the wind was less blowing We turned to the ridge and hastened to prepare to downhill However, it was very difficult to remove the skins from the skis and pull out the helmets and goggles from the backpack in the case where the wind was so strong Because of the difficult situation, two local Japanese guides helped one I looked down at the back unintentionally when I was ready to downhill , but the top looked so close to the front of my eyes So I put my eyes on the boots and walked one step upwards I wanted to ski from the summit However, Mr.Ikuo , the clubman guide boss at the bottom, screamed to come down all the way down to the summit, where he returned to the group .
It took so long Because of the blizzard in the blizzard, there was fog and there was not enough sight, so the local guides in Japan stopped in the middle and lowered one Korean skier one by one Because I was standing at the end, I was stuck with the breeze for a long time, and I was stiff I do not know if I could endure it because I was wearing Arcteryx hard shell pants and hard shell jackets My turn finally came The departure signal fell down and flew away Gettin my calculations because the space was about to significantly draw down while the giant slalom ttulryeo 2 was the turn teonman Push too hard for soft deep snow yieotgie slalom skiing than I beorini be too big rebound in the upper body is too hwek do one person being hit in the eye I got back from the head ,native to the bombing , fell fell into shape I was embarrassed, but in powder it feels good to fall .



It fell over in the original bombing ceremony, and a lot of snow piled up on the head .)
(The eyes were too deep and the sight was not so good .)
He got up again, abandoned his greed for the tournament, and went down to his party with Shoton .
After I got off, I noticed that all the local guides came down and then backed off the Korean backcountry skiers It came down a lot and now the view was secured It comes down so much , and the faces of the people are worried The reason is that one of our party suddenly could not come down due to hypothermia In the beginning, too much power to lift up too, but it seems to have taken the body temperature in an instant while the right eye and the strong wind in the vicinity of the top suddenly It seemed that one of the parties had come down with the support of two local guides So, I asked the people around me if there was warm water and I collected chocolate and energy bar, and I fed it with warm water to the person suffering from hypothermia. I put on an extra down jacket and put on like a hoodie and then rubbed my arms and legs. I was able to regain my energy .

Jedi Clubman , Mr.Ikuo Kurogane wonderful skiing in . In fact, a fairly restrained and beautiful skiing lean . On the other hand son Junya Kurogane skiing is skiing on the dynamism and strong feelings .)








Everybody draws a nice picture on a white drawing paper .)
So, with the help of two local guides, the weather has returned to a certain extent, and the weather has returned and the snowstorm has stopped, so that the Korean skiers can now slowly come down by themselves From then on, Japanese local guides told me to go down first because they would send them down safely .
After confirming that I came down safely, I came down to the place where I left for the first time since I came down the Shinagusuki after pursuing the parties.So the last backcountry skating at Hachimantai in Japan ended .
I returned the equipment, I simply took a bath, I lay in the room, and I looked at the ceiling I was so sorry to end this way .
After the farewell party time, we took the shuttle bus and headed to the Adi Hotel main hall I always wait for dinner time to go out on Japanese course .Nevertheless, it does not disappoint us The farewell party started with a meal This progress gave custody of Arc'teryx Jin Seongho chief marketing teams share , the more you have the best job in the LAPD during the camp period min also had a good view of MC so I wondered if I was originally from a recreational instructor There are a lot of witty and quirky problems with Arcteryx, and those gifts have been given so many good gifts .

Parties are always fun ).
Is that usually the problem . I usually allergic yeotdani ... ..)
And the lottery time of the prizes was also very interesting I had a few songs on the guitar, and fortunately , everyone is so excited that I am going to make a formal debut as a singer for the next camp : D
At the end of the farewell party, I was sitting at a Canadian friends' table, and suddenly I felt that it was hard to breathe and my mind to get confused So I guess it was because of the sudden body, I went to the bathroom , it was so hard that I had a cold sweat Still, the gear went to the bathroom, floated on the floor, grabbed the toilet and sat However, there was not much soil, and it became harder, and I just rested on the floor .
Then, suddenly I was allergic reaction, so I took off my stomach and a red rash came up all over my body, so I ran into the banquet hall hastily .
Luckily, at the entrance to the banquet hall, there was a representative from Hanwang and a Korean employee at the Adi resort, so I asked them to call for an ambulance. I requested an ambulance and laid me on the closet .
Take the ambulance one hasineunde should go about the time of arrival to the nearby hospital , strangely it seemed a little tipsy yet come back to the body that spirit a little clearer It seemed a little helpful to have vomited before .
Twin brother of Arcteryx backcountry skier Forest Coots and Jordan Manley )
Arcteryx video director Jordan Manley and his girlfriend )
Enjoy all the parties in the ballroom a few minutes came salpisi my condition , he will Korea doctor Fortunately, Gobi said that he was recovering from the situation. He told him that he would cancel the ambulance and enter the room, and then he took the shuttle bus back to the hotel room .
Korea where the doctor syeotneunji five rescue Benadryl , hasimyeo sure to eat before going to grow jusineunde just about squeeze in my hand , so gomawotda In powder snow field deuryeotneunde help me , do you think I'm just so naohni receiving assistance , it was very interesting .
In fact, there was an allergic rash symptoms from this time , too immersed in music seemed ...... look at the picture there is a rash on the face . Relate only to this case .)
In fact, what I like most is kind In particular, is one of the favorite eating crab crab is also hard to find, and the type I , last year 10 applied first to eat crab in May hit a shot from near the hospital had an allergic reaction in the airway It was a coincidence at that time , but I passed it, and this time I was eating it again, and I could have changed my constitution .
Anyway, the last night of the Arcteryx backcountry skiing camp was so unfortunate, and it was still a night to fall asleep because I was so sick .
I had to go home with so many eyes ... .. I never slept .)