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Day 5 As finishing Arcteryx Backcountry Ski Camp......
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Day 5 Beyond the Arc'teryx backcountry ski camp .....
One of the happiest news of the year was news that Arcteryx, the world's leading outdoor equipment company, will open a backcountry ski camp for Korean backcountry skiers The backcountry skiing, which was like a barren land in Korea, is a good proof that the skier has begun to get interested in the skier. Arcteryx, the leader of the outdoor equipment company, has organized a good place and will continue to camp in the future. More Korean skiers will be interested in backcountry skiing .
Backcountry skiing is completely different from skiing on a ski slope Backcountry skiing is close to wildlife Only the outdoor equipment and my colleagues will protect me in the snow-covered vast area It is different from such a leisure ski which goes to a coffee shop when I am practicing skiing alone and hungry when I go to a restaurant and eat   Backcountry skiing is a good way to ski, outdoor knowledge , the right outdoor equipment , how to use , strong physical strength , cooperation and skiing skills will be the last Above me the first look primarily to the cold weather and the snow uphill and is not just outdoor clothing that protects from the winds Rather than buy, as ski resorts with nice clothing is very practical , is that the functional cognitive and weigh carefully meets the outdoor activities that they try this and how to dress well according to these functional clothing to climate conditions and circumstances of outdoor activities 1 car knowledge (layering) a Under such conditions, Arcteryx's equipment is optimized for those who enjoy adventure Because the people who make the Arcteryx equipment themselves are adventurers enjoying the outdoors So I know best what the adventurer wants Korean fashion designers are different from outdoor equipment that is fashionable as urban outdoor clothing . 
Such outdoor equipment craftsmen will run camps for backcountry skiers How is it Are not you expecting the next Arctetics backcountry ski camps already?