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[Jason Story # 10] Treble Cone Ski Resort
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[The story of Oh Jae-seon's international ski instructor] 2011 NZ Cardrona # 10 - Treble cone ski resort
There are a few ski slopes that you can go to in Wanaka. 
Snow parks where I work, park facilities, and snow farms where Nordic skiers train.
And this is the Treble Con ski resort.
If you are a family resort that is comfortable for everyone with a card, 
Treble con has a harsh mountain that is better suited to a superior than a beginner. 
It would be better to say that there are more advanced courses and more amnesty pardons than harsh.

It is a place where you can enjoy the unexpected slope such as the steep slope, the powder and the mogul.

It is the day of the end of the season. Various events !!
Parking in front of the main building.

And the lake that looks down there.

If there is only this eye without fence I can ride anywhere.

We visited the Travel Cones with Olly and Amy. 
Cardholders and staff can buy lift tickets at a special discount, so you can enjoy a cheap ski day on your day off.  


Because the level 3 test is going on in the trek cone, I practiced, enjoyed the skiing geography, and enjoyed the skating. 
I went all over the mogul and the unfinished land.

Normally Treble con is formed with lots of natural mogul
It was hard for me because I got so many people. But it was fun.

This yellow padding has been wearing since 2007. Haha ^^ ;;; 
I wore it in New Zealand, Japan and Canada. 
Then I saw many people who saw me when I saw my padding. 
Even if I can not see my face from afar, It's re-election! 
Last year in Canada I met a foreign friend in Japan and they called me at the lift 

Today someone calls me at the lift. 
It's Kirsty and Bridget who work together at Cardrona. 
Travel Cones are also only 30 minutes away from town, so many friends come up on the day off. 
I went skiing here and there and enjoyed the skating.


The view of Treble con seen from the top is wonderful. 
The lake and blue sky, snow and white clouds look great.


I saw something in this photo.
Amy also has a European license, BASI Level 3. 
I already knew that the style of skating was a little bit wrong, 
but I felt it again not only in the style of the skirt but also in the picture.
That's right !!!
My legs are much longer than me. The body structure is a little different. 
The body of a long-legged Westerner. And the legs are a little short (?). ㅎㅎㅎ 
the careful thought that perhaps even speak the same style skiing would have come out a little different look ... .. 
ㅋ ㅋㅋ

It is not easy to ride the mogul in Cardrona because there is not enough snow this season 
In the evening, there was Jon's birthday party. 
We had time to dine and celebrate together at an Indian restaurant in town.

Jon comes in front of you and says thank you ...

Riz's birthday cake is the pinnacle of the party!

Then the party continued with another bar.

American friend Kevin working as a Park Crew in Cardrona.

I was a German friend I happened to know, but I forgot my name. 
I was a friend who also worked at a cafe in Cardrona ski resort. It was a cool guy ...

Wanaka got talent in the block bar, 
and many participants were looking for first prize of $ 500 for singing and magic. 
I want to go out once ... My body did not listen to it.
Although it is quiet Wanaka, the night of Wanaka is not quiet. ^^