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[Jason Story # 12] Training
Writer TEAMAX Date 2018/02/16 Hit 1856
[Story of Oh Jae-sun's International Ski Instructor] 2011 NZ Cardrona # 12 - Training
It is time to go over the middle of the season.

I have just come to visit the demo team of Kim Hyung-ki to go back to Korea soon.

Demonstration of Choi Seongho.

The demo,

And the Ogasaka team's Kim Hyunggi demonstration, Joo Hyun-sik demonstration. Park Yongnam Demo.

Shooto as a lecturer under Takuma Maruyama !!


Ji-Sung Heo Seung-wook is a member of Racing School ... .

There are not many pictures, but many skiers who came to train. 
I am sorry that I have not been able to spend much time with you during your revelation. 
ㅜ ㅜ 
I feel sorry for you and I have been chatting about such things and drinking beer.
The driver on the way to work told me that there was a little bit to see at Cardrona Adventure Park.
The wheel was really big right from the front. 
I have never seen a guest in winter, but I do not know if there is a guest in the summer.

Every Wednesday we train for ski instructor level 3 preparations. 
The trainer was DT. Sometimes I invite other level 3 examiners to get training.

I practice my jump turn and my left arm is falling. 
Oh ~ ~ left arm of this curse !!! 

When I try to practice Wedge Christie (Shootethon) and focus on something, my upper body is too stood.

I used to have this kind of habit, but not to this extent ... ... Huh ~~~

It seems to have become a habit because of the advice of 'Do not be too old when you first come to New Zealand and adapt to New Zealand skiing 
New Zealand has a little bit of standing in comparison to Korean style.

We should not be afraid for a moment. 

Other instructors are doing hard work.

Some friends enjoy free riding.


The weather is great.

At the end of the beginner course there is a Family Fun course for kids. 
It is like a board cross course, and I put up animal-shaped pets at each corner. 
I've also created a wave. There is also a small tunnel. 
Children love it.

Magic Carpet !! 
There are also 
various colors of 'con' to teach children under the age of 5 with pleasure It uses various tools such as hula hoop.

I am also trained hard in the afternoon. 
With Olly

I was in a slump in the middle of the season and it got a lot better thanks to DT. 
I feel the importance of the class once again.

It is much more efficient and 
more fun to ride with lessons than to ride alone .

I will be preparing for the Level 3 test in a short time.

<Considering that it is a little different from the Korean style of skating. ^^ ;;>
I have been to Queenstown for a while after working. 
My car came to pick up a car in Queenstown. 
I went hitchhiking.
New Zealand is easy to catch because of the general hitch hiking, and many others. 
There are also kids traveling on hitchhiking. 
The kids in the United States can not imagine. 
It seems that New Zealand is still a safe and rural country.
I unpacked the box, wrote down Queenstown, took it from the parking lot and hitch hiking. 
It took about five minutes to wait and a car would come and say that he would go down to Wanaka. 
He decided to do it in anticipation that there would be more cars going to Queenstown underneath. I'm 
going down with this and that, and 
this guy is driving while I drink something. I thought it was a drink. 
But it was a beer. No matter how uneasy I suddenly ... ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ
Anyway I came down to the mountain and tried hitchhiking again ... ... 
Much easier than I thought. In just three minutes, I got another car again. 
I'm going to pick up a car at the airport. 
They are kind people. ㅎㅎㅎ 
During the trip to Queenstown and such a story .. In fact, when 
you can not speak English in a hitch hike when you do not talk to each other was a lot of awkward points. 
Nowadays, it is interesting to talk about these things because I am getting a lot of tips 
I also feel like I have increased my English. It's still far away ... . ㅎㅎ 
itguyo some people sometimes ask about the North. A person who asks about the relationship between Korea and Japan. 
It is various colors.
While I was in Queenstown, I also visited the pastor who was helping me.

We set up a weekly 'pasta cafe' for free dinner. 
It is also good to make foreign friends. I have friends from all over the world. 
You can see Taegeukgi. Hehe
I've been there a long time and get pasta. 
I was very close to my Australian friends who were sitting at the same table and came to play. 
I'll be there to greet you at your house.
If you are in Queenstown in winter, please come and have a look.