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[Jason's Last Story] Take the NZSIA Level 3 Exam
Writer TEAMAX Date 2018/02/16 Hit 1709
[The Last Story of Oh Jae-seon's International Ski Instructor] 2011 NZ Cardrona # 13 - Take the NZSIA Level 3 Exam
Level 3 exams are approaching.

Level 3 requires a 5-day Pre-Course. The exam takes three days. 
On the day immediately before the test, there is a day when 
you can learn the course and get the last one point lesson .

Pre-Course completed last year. I could not take the exam with English and I put off this year. 
However, this year my English did not increase much and I did not feel confident, but 
even though I fell, I decided to take the exam in an attitude that I learned something through this exam.
In fact, since 
have seen a lot of foreign friends who have been around a few times , I was less burdened.
I went up to the Treble Cone for a preparation day with my friends who were taking the exam together. 
I came to take a lot of stare at several ski schools nearby. 
I also met a Japanese instructor, Aiko, who I learned when I was trained in the old coronex pit. 
This is the fourth challenge. 
When I met Aiko in the past, Aiko was a coronetwork instructor and 
I was just studying and studying English. 
At that time, Aiko said, "I want to work with you as soon as you do. 
It is not long ago that I said, "I will work by studying English with my license 
Time is ... ... ...
Level 3 test items.

I also checked the NZSIA examiners and the course and got a simple one-point lesson. 
Carving, Shorton, and many other TSAKs. 
Because it is the last inspection day, not the test day, it went into a comfortable atmosphere without big tension.
Finally, the test day was bright. The schedule is as follows.

-1 day difference -
I came to the ski shop yesterday to hear it in the shop in the morning. 
I was in a tight ice condition and skiing seemed a little pushy, so I gave Edge a repair. 
The shop staff is also giving me a fight.
On the way to the ski resort, I took the Italian instructor Andrea up. 
There are a lot of nervous tees. 
He asked me why I was so nervous and 
he told me that he kept trying because he was so upset and said he could not control himself. 
Even though I have not arrived before the skiing, I have a cold sweat, and I feel very disturbed. 
This is the fifth challenge ... ... ... ... ... ..
Ski resort arrives!
There are 25 people 
who take the test for the first time, some who retake the test ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .
There are six examiners. 
DT I introduced you last time, 
Jonathan who works in America and New Zealand. 
Scotty was presenting in New Zealand at the Swiss Inter skiing competition. 
Garet, who is the head of Travel Cone eruki Academy 
, Gavin, who was my examiner when I took the Level 2 exam in Japan. 
Matt sometimes came to Cardona to train me
In New Zealand all are people who know.

The test method is different from Korea. 
It is a way to divide Joe into two and follow three examiners and take the exam. 
Our group was 13 people. I became a group with Olly and Alex who were preparing together.
My friends were right next to me and the examiners were comfortable with me, so I was less nervous.

<Ski test>
After the two warm-up runs, the first event was Carving Middleton.  
One person down the road ... Everyone was nervous and there was nothing to wait for. 
And then this isnt one of them, we'll be more nervous hajamyeo continue to talk 
to the proverbial fit, fit a simple quiz hahah deogunyo you understand, not one.
I suddenly wondered when I was going to take a seminar exam in Korea. 
I thought about the time when I tried with Yongpyong together with so many people.
I was a little less nervous than trying it in Korea, and I was able to relax a bit because I thought it would be easier to test the sking .
Next, take one ski. 
Next time I change my feet from carving to a pair of slopes ... ...
Carving Middleton once again took one of ten tasks, Speiss Turns. 
Oh ... I hate the most ... At least 10 pieces. 
I saw it twice on the gentle slope once, once on the steep slope. 
The curse's left arm has moved a lot, though I did it a lot without any difficulty.

Moved to a lot of pilgrimage slopes. 
The ski test was conducted mainly on Mogul. 
We ask the first rider of the mogul to be able to ride in a stable manner as shown in the demo, and 
this time, we ask them to ride as dynamically as possible. They also try 
to use the rhythm in rounds and to 
direct the mogul in straight line. Progress has been made.
I have a friend named John who works as a lecturer in the Treble Cone in the same group. 
This guy looks pretty good. 
It was nice to be able to see the rhythm and see the course roughly when I saw this friend first ride 
It was quite helpful.

Next, I took Shotton from the well-known place. 
I asked for shotton on a steep slope and carving shotton on a slope. 
It was also gentle, but I suddenly ran the shotton in a dump. 
Maybe I'm seeing something that responds to the unpredictable change of pardon. 
Ahhh ... I did not really expect it, so I ran without thinking. 
I did not fall, but it seemed a bit embarrassed, but it was a little awkward.

I ate lunch and the sking test continued. 
Free skis !! I want to take a ride on a bad slope ... 
I went to Shotton where I ran Carving, and I went to Mogul. 
I repeatedly proceeded a few times and took a little change while giving. 
But do not lose your sense of security ... ... ...
Another Task 
Edge change with Flexion.
I really do not know what the exam will be like then the examiner will do. 
Depending on the pardon, depending on the situation, 
I would have to prepare everything for it, because it is something.

Finally, we went to the beginner course and saw Wedge Christie (Shootethon), and the 
first day the skating test was finished.
We went into video analytics test ordering. Anyone who wants to be first and 
not a lotteryWho wants to be late? In the way of asking ... 
I decided to take the exam at 7:30 am.
I had to go to the theoretical exam just in the evening, so I could not afford to rest. 
I told my Italian friend that I had a good exam and I was sorry that Middleton Tadah had fallen. 
I did not think I would evaluate your skis by mistake, but I told them to work hard.
In fact, in Korea, once you fall, it feels almost like falling ... 
Here, the test is carried out with the test tube over three days
Sometimes the examiner falls. I have a lot of unfair amnesty ... ... ... ... ..
The test is also important for the moment, but the fact that the skier's real skiing skills are covered throughout the course and the test period means that he is 
mistakenly falling down, literally, "I'm just making a mistake."

<Video analysis>
Come home, take a shower, eat quickly, and finally try to sort out the video analysis again. 
The more time passes, the more tension you get. 
Video analysis is a weak part, but it is very hard to do in English. 
Theoretical examinations take place in the classrooms in the college in Wanaka. 
I arrived about 10 minutes early and I was waiting for my order, but my lips were tight. 
I asked Olly what she was seeing in front of me ... 
With a bad face ... ... It 's hard, I feel bad. 
I heard that you are more nervous ~~~~
It was my turn and I entered the classroom. 
There were two examiners and one small portable DVD player in front. 
The examiner asked me to pick a number. 
The kids who did this before did this, so you have to choose these numbers except ... .. 
Oh ~ ~ Give other types of skiers to prevent them from getting information in front of them. 
I chose 3 times without thinking, so I can play the video. And then it goes right into the analysis.
Once I saw the whole thing, I saw the rest of the details slowly and then 
repeated many times. When you're ready, start talking.
I've been practicing video analytics for a lot of trainers who have been working in the US for many years. 
I was a little relieved because a skier of the type similar to what I practiced so hard came out.
It was the type of skier who used Shorton but the start of the turn turns like the upper body and the counter turns in the latter half.
I first described the overall thing. 
I am trying to make a shotton at an intermediate pardon. 
The turn does not make a full turn, but a little zig-zag turns ... etc..
He then described the movement of the ski. 
When I go to the pole line from the edge change section, the A shape appears in the skis finely. 
Therefore, the edge angles of two skis are not always the same. 
The stance is too narrow close stance. 
When I go to the pole line from the edge change, I move slowly but turn back after pole. 
So the pressure is concentrated in the second half of the turn. 
The tail portion is swinging, the pivot point is in front of the binding, and so on.
The following describes the movement of the body. 
All joints are properly bent, but knees are bent more than hip joints and ankles so that the posterior fascia is born. 
In the early turn of the turn, the shoulder starts to turn. 
So the rotation of the upper body causes the weight to remain on the inner foot, not the outer foot, and 
then the counter rotation will occur when going to the second half of the turn after polling. 
Up movement describes the movement of the hip in the forward direction as the knee is stretched more than the other joints, and so on.
The following describes the relationship between skiing and body movements. 
The knee joint causes the rear end to spring up and the pressure pushes backwards. 
The body rotates so that the weight is put on the inner foot and the outer foot moves first, and the A character 
appears fine 
It makes unnecessary movements such as counter rotation to pass weight after passing the pollen, and 
also shows that the rotation and pressure enters suddenly for the control of the skiing and the speed control which can not control at the beginning of the turn and so on. 
The following describes the ideal skier's appearance. 
An ideal skier, each joint is properly bent to maintain its posture ... 
The two skis are always moving side by side, they have the same edge angle and the 
edge angle does not increase sharply, but it gradually increases and the 
upper body makes a turn by the lower body rotation with fixed state ... 
Rotate constantly over all parts of the turn to make a round turn, not a zigzag, and the 
pivot point must be in the middle of the soles, not in front of the binding ... 
And so on. 
I then show you a lesson plan for how to improve this person's sking. 
My focus is on the rotation movement in the post-war, the rotation, the left and the right, and the up and down movements .. 
how to proceed with the lesson ... 
What do you do with practice methods 
... why? ... 
What is the second focus ... .. 
Describe how to explain.
And the questions of the two examiners follow. 
If I have a mistake in my analysis, or I have a poor explanation, I might ask about it. 
Duration, timing, rate, range, Intensity.
After analyzing the first video, I was relieved. 
Because I was less nervous than I expected, and I made it better than I thought. 
The examiner's face also felt that 'the first is not a problem'.

Then we jump to the second video. 
But ~~~~~~ Huck !! It is a skier who does not see the big hole easily when I ride a mogul. 
Although I was a bit embarrassed at the moment, I will write down each one slowly and carefully.
However, suddenly the examiner spent a lot of time in front of me, so this time, I often tell you that the time to write is not enough. 
I think I should hurry a little ... ... .
Suddenly, as the cold sweat flows, the head becomes hollow. 
'Oh ~ ~ is it collapsing like this? "I 
started to write again one by one as was looking for a little cold feeling .
The first thing I talked about was surgery. This thing keeps clogging. 
I was embarrassed, so I could not find any problems in the video, and I could not think of a moment when I had to write so hard.
Just in the head, 'I do not have the time ~ ~ I have to be quick ~ ~ I do not have time ~ ~ I do not have time ~ ~ ~ ~' 
huh ~~~~ But the examiner sometimes throws the induction question give.
I did not explain it in detail, but I did my best to write a lesson plan.
And the examiner's questions ... ... ... 
Wow ~ ~ ~ It looks like your head will burst. 
Why use this practice method ... ... There is no other practice method ... ... ... 
was not able to explain the details like the first one, why the focus was taken with this, and so on 
I talked confidently, even though I was wrong, and I worked hard to explain why.
So after 30 minutes of video analysis, I 
walked out of the room with a look like Olly Hehe
Something is full of regret !! And uneasy.  
I drive home while driving, but I was driving alone in the car like a fool. 
'I should have answered this !!! Oh, that was a problem ... Did you catch the focus? " .
Video analysis is difficult. Even when I thought I'd fall ... ... 
On the other hand, it was the first test, but still saved. It seemed to be a good experience and calmed my mind. 
I felt that I would have fallen, so I felt more comfortable with the exam I had left.
Anyway, the 1st day is finished.

-2 Day-
<Ski test>
Another resumed sking test. 
Yesterday and other examiners have been working together as a group. 
The weather was much better than I expected, so I almost got ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon. 
Especially today, there were many skirtings for mogul and pilgrimage.
The treble cone has a lot of irregular branches and natural mounds are formed accordingly. 
Two-thirds seem to have done everything.
Go to Mogul , and go to Mogul in a steep hill .

There is also a natural half pipe in the treble cone. 
(I will attach some pictures to you, you will see how it looks.) Natural half pipe

Carve Middleton here ... ... ... ... 
I do not think I can shoot Carving as if I'm riding in a well-established place . hahaha
together also grows itdeo scary fun.

I've seen a lot of free skating in the end of the year. 
How to deal with mogul. 
It seems to see how adaptive and balancing is good. 
Of course course selection and carving in mogul 
seem to see how confident you are when you see yourself riding as you are.
Today, Olly turned 360 with a free skate. It's right in front of the examiner ... 
I'm taking the test ... .. ㅋㅋㅋ That's twice ... ... 
It's a great guy.
In the afternoon, I saw some more tasks. 
I saw the rail way track on the gentle slope and the pivot slip on the steep slope. 
I also saw Full range of Movement.

Last time I saw Shotton. 
Overall, it is similar to yesterday, but it did not work yesterday 
, and it seemed that it was mainly focused on mogul, unfairness, and free skating.
After the video analysis test, I was able to take the sking test without any hesitation.

As before yesterday, we decided to finish the sking test and watch the technical discussion in the evening. 
I was too nervous to wait yesterday, so I picked it up a little earlier at 6:30 this time. 
Also, because tomorrow's teaching test is going on, I also have to prepare my teaching.

Just before the dissolution, another topic was chosen on what to teach tomorrow. 
I think I picked it on the morning before, but I do not think so. 
Anyway, I picked the day before, so I'm glad to have more time to prepare ... 
If you want to see a technical discussion, you will not only have to know the teaching of all subjects, but also 
because there is not much time.
I chose one of the notes with a tense mind ... 
The topic I picked was 'Crud' ~~~~~~~
You'll be a little unfamiliar. Crud. I've been to New Zealand for the first time. 
In a dictionary sense, 'impurities or unwanted external objects are stuck.' It came out. 
'Crude' is a very irregular state of the eye. 
Snow nalryeoseo by the wind, one is ice one is the deotnun or 
warm weather to snow united in one is like a natural mogul or 
jayeonseol is made after a natural mogul formed state so by skiers 
one rigid, yet small natural Moguls eyes You may think that you can ride in this irregular eye condition , which may be softer and gentle as possible .

Eye conditions are ambiguous to classify Crud, difficult to classify, and ... ... .. well picked or not well picked ... ..-- ;;;
But … It is also fortunate that the focus of the lecture will definitely not be lost in the other direction since it is a postural balance and rotation .
<Technical Discussion>
I will come down in a hurry and have dinner and try the final arrangement on the technical discussion. 
Anyway, there was something missing in the video analysis. 
I think it is a good experience and I will do my best.
Likewise, progress was made in my classroom. 
The technical discussion is also going on for 30 minutes. 
My turn, I went into the classroom and two examiners are sitting. 
A brief greeting came and went to the test.
The subject I gave to me was 'Explain the difference between Basic and Dynamic Shottons'. 
I have to talk about this for 25 minutes alone. If you finish short, your score will be bad and 
you will have a lot of questions.
I thought that I would not remember what I prepared. I tried to keep it as calm as possible. 

started to explain the edge change section, polar section, postwar motion, rotation, left / right movement, and vertical motion so as not to miss something .
I explained the basic shotton and explained the movement of the ski through the transition and the control path.
In the dynamic shottone, the center of gravity shifts from the edge to the edge, so that the base touches the edge of the base. It is shorter and runs more slowly in the valley than the basic shoton and progresses faster. 
In pollen, Basic Shoton explained that while the edge angle is not large and the center of gravity is not far from the ski, Dynamic Shotton has the highest edge angle on the poles and the skis have more edges and bends and more carving elements.
As dynamic shotton progresses faster toward the valley than the basic shotot in the posterior movement, a more aggressive posterior movement is required
In the rotation and the left and right motion, the ski in the Basic Shotton turns under the center of gravity, whereas in the Dynamic Shotton, the center of gravity moves to the inside of the turn and the rotation and the left and right movements are combined.
In the up / down motion, the basic shottone is down in the up and down sections of the edge change section, whereas in the 
dynamic shottone, the bending element remains in the low posture section of the edge change section. The action to spread.
These are mainly focused on Duration, Rate, Range, Timing, Intensity, etc. 
to compare Basic Shotton and Dynamic Shotton. 
In the middle, the questions of the examiners were followed. 
I did my best to answer.
Then the examiner said that it was good to go out. 
In fact, I was stunned. It 's normal to say hello if you were nervous even though you were not going to relax .
I'm already done? Are you really going? I finished it so quickly. ' 
It felt like I was about 10 minutes away.
The examiner says, 'Look at the clock, you've already been talking for 20 minutes.' I do. 
I guess I was nervous.
But suddenly another examiner 
starts the question again shortly , "Okay, if you want, I'll ask you more questions." It 
's not that ... ..LOL
The question is, what difference does it make when you skate in powder and ride on a regular slope, and what 
changes in body movements should you give? ... ... ..
Fortunately, I studied it briefly and accurately. 
The examiner nods and listens to me. I felt good.
then!!!!! Another question ~~~~~ 
Rotational Separation (For example, what part of the body is used when making the Shorthorn Upper Body in the direction of the valley and the Lower Body in the twisting of the upper and lower bodies)
I did not want to mention my muscle name or bone name, 
I finally came. At first, I was embarrassed because I did not understand the question properly, and when I asked again, it explained a little easier. 
What parts are used when the upper and lower body twist occurs? ... ... ... ..
I get up and look at the posture ... ... ... 
I carefully told the side of the pelvis where the upper body and lower body are turned.
The answer is ... .. 'Well yeah ... ... Good… . '
I said 'Oh ~~~' .. 'I am relieved at 
the moment !!!!! 'Another one?' I'm asking ...

Ugh!! 'What… Do you have one more ... . ' Try to squeeze your head hard for a short time. 
As you move, you feel the bones move ... ... ... .

Fortunately for that moment !! I remember what I had accidentally heard while studying. 
'spine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I answered.
I was worried about whether it was right or wrong and looked carefully at the examiner ... .. what the examiner says !!  

'That's right! Hell !!!!!!!!

And then another word 'Which part?'
Ugh!!!!!! I cautiously say, 'What part does it mean?' I asked him.
So, the spinal part? The bottom part? middle? which part?'

I am going to go out quickly when I say "Oh ~~~" to the corner of my mind~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However... ..
I keep twisting my body. Which part turns ... ... ..
Then I carefully taught the area by hand and said 
'somewhere near this part ~~~~~~~~ ... ... ... ... ... ^^ ;;;;;; I replied.

Huh ~~ 
... I laughed and said that it was good to go out. hahahahahaha
I have been sitting more and more embarrassed. ^^ ;;; 
But it was a good experience, and I felt like I had seen the exam so badly.
Finally, the last teaching test tomorrow shows that everything is over.
I went to Orla's house and asked for help. Orla has passed the teaching of the last exam, so 
I can not take the teaching test tomorrow. So I thought I had a lot of time and I asked for help.
Even if you understand well what you need to teach, even if you do not explain well in English, everything is ... 
How to explain in English ... 
How to approach it, and so on.
Orla has helped me a lot with my lessons in English , as well as the tips on examinations based on my experience of passing the test in my past exams .
<Thank you for reading Jason's New Zealand ski instructor adventure story so far. I'll come back to more interesting stories.>