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Tour de Formosa - we did it!
Writer TEAMAX Date 2020/02/10 Hit 129
The best way to see Taiwan's coast is on a bike.
Giant Adventure specialize in different cycling tours around Taiwan. TEAMAX ADVENTURE got an invitation and without any hesitation joined this amazing tour. It was December. What a good idea to spend the end of year in adventure trip! 
By the way to cycle around Taiwan in winter is the best time - not so hot, not cold. Just perfect weather for cycling! 
What we knew is that Taiwan is a land of Temples, hot springs, night markets and amazing food. And more than that it is one of Asia’s most spectacular cycling destinations
Day 0/9
Arriving at Taipei, city tour, night market with amazingly delicious food.

Day 1/9 : 92 km
Cycled from Taipei to Hsinchu
(Our international team with people from over the world)
(Happy riders on the way to Hsinchu)
(No, e-bike`s not cheating! I`m pedaling too, but… I reach the top almost without effort)  (︶▽︶)

(One of the rest stop - beautiful cafe with modern design)

(From day one we tried regional food – at first day it was Taiwanese horn bagel.)
Day 2/9 : 114 km
Cycled from Hsinchu to Lukang
(Fruits, cookies and “Pocari Sweat” - all you need to fill yourself with energy for cycle)

(Now I know that Taiwan is paradise for cyclists. Well-paved road are everywhere)

Day 3/9 : 83 km
Cycled from Lukang to Chiayi
Cycling tour is not only about pedaling... It`s sightseeing too! Our cultural part of tour was exiting!
(Sightseeing tour at break. Happy to see cultural history of Taiwan. Did you know that? Taiwan has thousands of temples!! Wow!)

(It was a good idea to take incredible shots in temple)

(Our guide did her best!)

(Cycling boosts your mood in the same way all physical exercise makes you happy ^^)
Day 4/9 : 125 km (!!!)
Cycled from Chiayi to Kaohsiung
It was so easy to cycle due to this car! Support vehicle for cyclists' belongings is really good idea.

This steel-framed bridge with a concrete road surface is 1939 meters long. When it was finished in 1952, it was the second longest bridge in the world!

(Photo with bridge is good. Jumping photo is better!)
Day 5/9 : 110 km
Cycled from Kaohsiung to Pingtung
Kaohsiung, known as “Passionate Harbor City,” is ranked by CNN as one of the best cities in Asia for bike riding and is also the best city for riding in Taiwan.
On the way to our destination we ate Chaozhou shaved ice with hot and glutinous rice ball inside.

(Delisious dessert)
Day 6/9 : 115 km
Cycled from Pingtung to Taitung

The most difficult climb we faced when riding around Taiwan is called Shouka. The climb is long, making it both a physical and mental challenge; but if you keep a positive attitude and believe you can do it, then you’ll soon be at the top.
The road was under construction, so we could to take a break, discuss our route and see the waves rolling in.

Day 7/9 : 123 km
Cycled from Zhiben to Ruisui

Another calm morning and we started cycling.


(This bicycle are so cute!)
Here was my favorite route. Along the smooth road and countryside path, we took many photos with the beautiful landscape.


Day 8/9 : 81 km
From Ruisui to Yilan

(One part of route we rode the train)
The view from our room was breathtaking. Just look at these rice fields!

Day 9/9 : 87 km
From Yilan to Taipei
Last day of the tour. You should be here too!

Finally we got our treasures – medals and certification. It was unforgettable experience to cycle around beautiful country!