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Thailand CBT Experience with Korean Rural Experience village council. Day 4-5
Writer TEAMAX Date 2020/03/09 Hit 71
Day 4
During a tour of the Ban Phu village we were told that  every family now grows herbs, vegetables and fruit around their homes. They are well-known for organic dying and weaving of cotton. Most of the raised houses in the village have a wooden loom under them. Women of Ban Phu have traditional belief that they must be able to weave clothes, otherwise they wouldn't have a chance to get married.   We saw like villagers dye yarn and learn how to weave. And also we joined in the traditional parade called Hae Klong Tum, a ceremony usually organized for merit-making ceremonies. 

(Photo with locals)
After lunch we departed for Sakhon Nakhon province.
Sakon Nakhon province is one of ancient city of Thailand dated back thousand year. Legend says the town was built in 11th century when the Khmer ruled this region. 
Day 5
It was interesting day with some handmade experience in Tham Tao Indigo Village.
This village offered us a workshop where we could be part of the dyeing culture. We created one of kind piece of art with your own hands. With toolboxes that contain rubber bands, plastic bags, sticks and wood chips in different shapes are ready. We used our imagination to creatively tie knots on the clothes into different patterns. After dipping the clothes in the indigo tank and we patiently waited for the results.
Just look at it! It`s like a magic!

The evening was productive for both sides. Representatives of Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) and Korean Rural Experience village council hold a meeting and discussed key points of future cooperation.

 TEAMAX ADVENTURE hopes to attractive many CBT tourists who interested to experience local life in Thailand!