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Rural Tourism Famtour in Jeolla-namdo (3)
Writer TEAMAX Date 2020/04/14 Hit 127

The next day we headed to Gangjin that called “№1 in must visit list“ in Jeolla province.

Gangjin was known as a center of celadon production in the past. Even today, tourism is expanding through celadon restoration projects, celadon ruins, and celadon cultural festivals.
We first visited Gangjin's celadon shop and Folk Painting Museum and had a wallet making experience.

(Gangjin's celadon shop)

The shining celadon are really beautiful. The details of the patterns look alive. How did the ancestors cook rice with such beautiful celadon? If it was me, I think I would just look at it...

(In Folk Painting Museum)

There were many unique folk items. It is said that folk painting (“minhwa”) reflects people's thoughts.

So it is characterized by being freewheeling compared to other paintings. The paintings of famous artists are usually not easy to understand because of expressing profound and philosophical contents, but folk paintings were intuitive and easy to understand.

After visiting the museum, we went to make a wallet.

(My wallet)

We decorated the prepared wallet by coloring. Isn't it pretty? It seems to be a special souvenir.

And now time for lunch~

(Korean traditional dishes)

Do you see many side dishes? As soon as I took a picture with plenty of food, everyone quickly ate these. food of Jeolla is the best!

After eating we moved to the “future food” farm. What comes to mind when you say “future food”? Artificial meat? Spirulina?

We visited the larva farm! Larvae are the food of future… Can you believe?..

(Benefits of larvae)

They say larvae are so useful! ^^

(Wanna try it..?)

After listening the explanation from the farm owner, we had a tasting time. He said only courageous person can try it!

After tasting larvae, we went to the last activity - tofu making class in Gangjin. Tofu is also my favourite food because it is healthy and goes well with other foods.

(Tofu making class)


When we ate our homemade tofu with kimchi, we heard 'Wow!' elasticity here and there. It was definitely the best tofu I've ever had!

So it`s time to go to Sinan!

Sinan County consists of 111 inhabited islands and 719 uninhabited islands. Also Sinan is known for salt.

I really wanted to go there to see smart farm, sea kayaking and experience the tidal flat.

So we arrived at the smart farm.

(Smart farm)

A smart farm is a farm that combines agriculture with ICT solutions to improve productivity. The temperature and humidity of the crop cultivation facility are automatically controlled and can be managed remotely using a smartphone. If the smart farm expands to the whole country as technology advances, the productivity will really improve.

After visiting the smart farm, we will finally head to the sea. In the summer, of course, you have to go to the sea!

Wearing a life jacket and preparing for a sea kayak.

(It`s not easy!)

The scenery of the sea seen from the land is also pretty, but the scenery of the land seen from the sea is really different and wonderful. It seems that I have forgotten the beauty while living in this wonderful place...

After the sea kayaking we experienced a tidal flat near.

(Experience the tidal flat)

The tidal-flat was, as I remember, a 'scruffy place'. However, the tidal flats in Sinan were different. It was so soft and smooth that it can not be described in words. It made me want to stay all day long there.

It is said that sooner or later a slide will be installed on this tidal flat, so if I come back, I think I can really spend there all day.

So our famtour was over. When you think of 'travel', you usually think of big cities like Seoul and Busan. However, through this trip, I could see that there are unique experiences and travel contents everywhere in Jeollanam-do. I hope that this experiential trip will be the opportunity for TEAMAX ADVENTURE, Jeollanam-do Rural Experience Village Council, and China Regional Tourism Development Council to develop existing contents and discover new contents.

Thank you!