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Top 5 adventurously outdoor activities in Laos
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A popular destination among travellers, Laos' less-known and less-visited countryside is ideal for outdoor activities, adventure and sports. 
Whether it's kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, ziplining between tree houses or exploring temple ruins, you can choose your own adventure in theland of a million elephants’. 

Trekking the “100 waterfalls” and remote Katang villages 

Being a newly discovered attraction, the “100 waterfallshike remains relatively unknown among many travellers. The village of Nong Khiaw makes a perfect trekking experience with the great number of falls and is sure to leave a deep impression. 
A memorable trekking experience is one that brings you somewhere unexpected. After your walkthrough to the sacred forest, pay a visit to Katang villages of Dong Phy Vieng and experience life outside the capital city. The villagers are strong believers of spirits and you will be taught to evade any off-limits behaviour. 
Ziplining through primal forest 

For a truly unique experience, thrill seekers should head to northern Laos to take on the Gibbon Experience. Flying at high speed through lush forest and valleys on ziplines up to 500m long will fulfil all your adventure fantasies. Part of the fun of the three-day trip is staying in tree houses that are only accessible by zipline. The surrounding forest is home to the black gibbon and the cost of the experience helps to support the conservation of their habitat. Between picking leeches off your shins and sidestepping tiger scat, you will be whooping with excitement. 
Boat trip into limestone cave 

Tham Kong Lo cave is one of the most scenic places in Laos that stretches 7km long and goes 91m high. Catch a small boat and navigate your way through the wide river passage before stopping off to explore on foot. 
Exploring the country by bicycle 

Whether you take a tour or go it alone, cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy Laosstunning scenery, meet locals and experience remote and less accessible parts of the country. From taking a gentle path through the rice paddies to mountain-biking up peaks and winding through jungles, there is a two-wheeled adventure to suit everyone. Most tourist destinations have bicycles to rent, but Luang Namtha, Udomxai, Luang Prabang and Vientiane are among the many top spots for cycling. 
Climbing limestone karsts 

of the climbing in Laos is centered on the backpacker hub of Vang Vieng, with over 200 marked and bolted routes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. For more off-the-beaten-track climbs, head down to central LaosTha Khaek, where Green Climbers Home run a climbing camp at the base of some beautiful karsts, boasting one of the easiest overhangs in the world on which to learn.