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Backpacking couple in Jangbong Island
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Jangbongdo Backpacking Couple


Jangbongdo of the west sea Ongjin county. Healing, reconciliation, love, healing. A secluded yet small island with beautiful nature and delicious food. It is an island that can be visited after stopping at the shindo pier, which is the starting point of three islands, Shido, and Modo (Shinshimodo), which are connected by bridges on the ferry at the cedar pier in Incheon.


These photographs were recorded around the time when I shot the promotional video of Ongjin Army on the subject of Jangbongdo Backpacking King Travel. In fact, we climbed up to Jangbongdo Bonghwa-haji, where we walked further up the mountain path to the head of the Kamakura.


It is an island in the west sea, and you can see the sunrise, not to mention the wonderful sunset view. It is also a good place to be. I eat the barbecue meat and ask "Do you have lettuce?" It was a short one-night two-day event, but it would be a good memory.


Biclo participated in the promotion of Ongjin Army and, a public relations agency, was in charge of filming and editing. I followed the photographer and put the beauty of the West Sea into the camera. Pretty "Sun-san Jung Min" came out as a female model, and BMX, a bike rider from the cyclist, appeared as a male model.


I would like to express my gratitude to Lee Bong-Joo of Bikro Gwangjin / Ilsan branch, Mr. Yoo Jung-yeop of Bikloo Co., Ltd. and Mr. Shim Jae-keun of A-pack coms.


# Bayikeul to  # bayikeul Gwangjin points in  Ilsan to bayikeul #  # Garmin  # MontBell  # Dahon  # Apex Communications


- Consciousness of mobile phone generation. Leave the couples. 

#Garmin  #GarminInstinct  - who together:  banggeon ,  Kim, Jung - Min ; Location:  jangbongdo



- On the way back to the small island (small maltese) connected by the long bridge which is seen from the Jangbongdo marina, it is onongam beach 

I also have a camera ... ㅋ



- The foot of a couple walking on the beach is light. It is a picture that shows excitement and excitement about the island trip. My step is a step by step to make good memories of your life.



- Skiers in the winter, wakeboarders in the non-season, and cyclist Jeong Min. It is the perfect backpack tracker here. ^^ 

But it is the mike and the line for the promotion video of the Ongjin military take the sight of it.



- Mr. Bang Jung. A young man who is one of the elite cyclists. The sunglasses with a metallic mirror lens are wonderful in summer as well. # Rudy




The above is a combination of the first pages of Facebook, and the pictures are arranged in chronological order below. 



- Would not the island's backpacking trip start on the marina anyway? Jangbongdo marina. It is the appearance of a couple getting off the ferry. - people with:  banggeon ,  Kim, Jung - Min , JaeGeun Shim , Place:  jangbongdo marina



- Island scenery is seen on the left side, Jangbong Island tourist guide is shown in the back of the right side ... 

Now Jangbong Island Trekking begins. A trip with a loved one further stimulates the love. The sorrow of a young day, it goes on for a lifetime.



- First of all, go to a small island that is not far from the marina, 

and there is a pretty fresco on the lower fence. Numerous writings written with murals. Jangbongdo's love of the residents was written in several chapters.



- Read about the love of Jangbongdo in Jangbong Island in the low wall. 

The treasure of Jangbongdo is the sea. Without the sea there would not have been an island, and the island would not have Jangbongdo. So, of course, the island's treasure No. 1 is the seaside sea.


- We are stopping by and coming out to a small and beautiful island.



- Behind the little Mergot and Inongam Bridge that I have just visited ...



- Time to have lunch already. Stop by the restaurant "Sea Road Restaurant" in Jangbongdo's restaurant, and serve it with curry and scallop.



- Two of you are shooting ... One is a static video with the camera on the tripod, and the other is a dynamic or shaky video with the camera on the stabilizer ...



- Lunch is out and eating, but the boss of APACcoms is shooting a 4K video with the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV on the stabilizer. JaeGeun Shim

's publicity video will be uploaded to YouTube page of Ongjin County Office 2 weeks after last editing process. ( Yongjin county YouTube page: = Ongjin county office  )




- I moved to Seongbong-do to go to the beach. 

Jung Min is taking a self-portrait to upload to the Instagram.



- I finally got on the trail. He puts his coat on his waist and goes on a full-scale hiking trip. The first destination is Pinghwa Mountain (Bonghwa University). #Garmin  #GarminInstince  #GarminForerunner



- I leave my cello as I go ... It is a photograph that remains, and a photograph is a memory. Memories remain in the picture only. Memories that are memorable are becoming more and more faded. And after a long time, even memories, beautiful memories are distorted. So the photo is an annals. #MontBell  # Montbell



- A decent young man, money. 

At first, the smoke was bad. Of course I can not ... Amateur model? But over time, I was more natural.



- Bonghwa-dae has climbed the palace. I walked for a while. Jungmin is sweaty behind his backpack neck. ^ ^ It was a very hot day.



- Take a short break at Bonghwawada and eat water and head for the gazebo at the western end of Jangbongdo. 

The backsides of two people walking on the mountain trail are normal.



- The ridge line is long and the sun is strong, there is an uphill and a downhill. Then, where the cool sea breeze blows, forget the hard journey and get strength again. 

It's like it's a life ...



- Record the beauty of the western sea that meets on the ridge high. You will enjoy trekking by seeing the wide open sea and beautiful islands. 

"You've come a long way. Let's go a little longer." 
With the power of love !!!



- The weather is hot, but the cool clothes make it hard to color.



- I finally came to the head of the Kamakura. The island is an exile, though. 

Those who were isolated on such a beautiful island would have missed more land ...



- Such a beautiful sea spreads over the pine grove. Four cheerful sticks seem far away. 

Could we relax? No, it is a scene of the intense life of Jangbong citizens.



- I think that I want to soak my feet in seawater while watching the beautiful scenery of the beach below.



- Check out the location of the sightseeing map on the deck of the Gazebo Head Observation Deck, and check the way back. 

I can get back to the track by using the Trackback function, but do not forget to enjoy the analogue trips occasionally. ^^  JeongHo Joe I

also shot video drones here and I hope to see the video. ^^



- Couple watching the ocean on the observation deck for a while. 

It was not easy to focus on a niche person unless it was manual adjustment. However, the functionality of the Sony RX100 M6 has changed. I know what you want. ^^ Amazing Sony technicians.


- This backpacker is full of excitement and expectation for traveling. 

But in fact, Biclo, Rudy Project, Garmin and Mont Bell models of PPL.

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