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GO! Gogunsangundo of Jeolla-do
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Gogunsangundo of Jeolla-do
consists of 16 inhabited islands and 47 desert islands
You don't need to go to amusement parks
A natural amusement park is right here!

Just walk~
Gubul-8gil Gogunsangil
Distance: 21.2km / Lead time: 497mins

Near Sunyu-do where the Taoism God strolls around
Winding but stunning Gogunsangil
Fantastic harmony of a forest with phytoncide and beautiful ocean! 

All scream!
Skysun Zip Line
Charge: 20,000KRW for adults, 16,000KRW for children / Contact: 063-463-8602

The longest in Korea!
Fly above the ocean as appreciating an amazing view of Gogunsangundo~
You ready? then go! 

Feel like being in London?
99 Double-Decker bus
Operation hours: 06:20~21:20 / Interval: 60mins
Fare: 1,400KRW for adults / 1,100KRW for middle&high school students / 700KRW for elementary school students

Let's go a romantic bus trip following Gogunsan-road
Being on a double-decker will make feel special~

1,000KRW for 3hours?
Bicycle Rent
Fare: 1,000KRW for 3hours

Ride alongside the beach and alleyways
Try to find places where nobody knows but you 

People who like walking, cycling and riding buses
We are welcoming all of you!

Where do you travel this summer?
You want to see an ocean and mountains as well?

Gogunsangundo is the place you are looking for!