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CBT trip to Thailand- Visiting Ban Phu mountain village
Writer TEAMAX Date 2020/05/14 Hit 69

TEATA (Thai Eco-tourism and Adventure Travel Association) invited us to my second home, beautiful Thailand as expecting us to discover and experience Thai's old tribes and their culture, food and community activities during the study trip.

For the first schedule, we had a chance to cross the border and Visit Savannaket town (the 2nd largest town in Lao PDR) via the 2nd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge.
Savannakhet sits on the Mekong River, bordering Thailand. It is also known as Kaysone Phomvihane, the name of the former president of Lao PDR who was born here. Legacies of the French colonial period can be found all over Laos including Savannakhet from great tasting baguettes to Catholicism and the architecture. The city of Savannakhet is full of fine French colonial architecture. Most of these buildings have deteriorated over the years due to neglect, war and poverty but they still retain a sense of romance and history. The most popular ones include St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and the numerous colonial shop houses.

Phra That Ing Hang.  That Ing Hang Stupa is about nine metres high with beautiful carving and decoration. It’s reported to be built in 16th century to house a relic of Buddha’s spine. That Ing Hang is a sacred stupa, an important place of worship not only for Laotian Buddhists but also Thai Buddhists who live in northeastern Thailand. Women may be required to wear traditional pahsin (Thai / Lao-style sarong) before entering the temple grounds.
Saint Therasa Church of Savannakhet. The French colonial architecture. Saint Theresa Church has beautifully maintained landscaping where you can absorb the tranquility. Anyhow, it is next to a local school so you may hear the children singing together which adds to the atmosphere. The church is beautifully located in the centre of the historic quarter of Savannakhet.

Special thanks to TEATA and its amazing each member who showed us their country and deep rich culture and real Thai.