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CBT trip to Thailand - Visiting Ban Sok Maew & Tai Guan
Writer TEAMAX Date 2020/05/18 Hit 54

According to anthropologists, Tai Kha is one of the oldest ethnic group of humankind to settle along the Mekong.  Tai Kha is believed to derive from ancient Khmer after its ruin thousands of year ago. Lives of Tai Kha people are simple and they rely on agriculture for a living. 

People of Tai Guan once lived in Sip Song Chau Tai, a 12 chiefdom of different groups of Tai people in the mountainous northwest of today's Vietnam. Sip Song Chau Tai dated back at least to the 17th century but Tai peoples have settled in the areas since the early first millennium CE or, at the latest, the 5th to 8th century. Wars and poverty forced them to migrate down South to Lao PDR and later to Thailand. Tai Guan believes that holy spirit of Pu Ta Saeng is protecting them. Though today, Tai Guan people adopted Buddhism, but Pu Ta Saeng is still very much respected.

Special thanks to TEATA and its amazing each member who showed us their country and deep rich culture and real Thai.