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Gone Tomorrow- The Desert
Writer TEAMAX Date 2016/05/28 Hit 1479
The desert is a space defined as much by the places in between as it is by its contents. Those wide open vistas between rock and canyon, between sage and cactus.
Spaces defined by those barren and limited resources, that amplify what little there is for those willing to push into this raw and often harsh environment. Southern Utah is one such place. Immense red rock monoliths, obelisks, and arches stretching from the dust and sand. Impossible formation in their own right.
 But for a few mere days every year, the dry and arid climate is graced with what seems like an impossible amount of snowfall. Reds and browns, and splashed with an abundance of white, creating an impossible visual contrast.
While for those willing to explore just a touch further and wander into those little explored slots and canyons, a veritable oasis of untouched and un-skied lines more suited for an alien planet then a mere few hours from a skiing metropolis. This is the desert. Carry water, avoid the noon day sun, and ignore the vultures if you can.