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[Project: 2B Free] Taking photos with a nice suite and umbrella
Writer TEAMAX Date 2017/03/26 Hit 1214
Two boys' awesome project that they are taking photos of themselves in a nice suite with a umbrella in every spots of Seoul city, South Korea.
[Name of Project: 2B FREE]
(1. To be free/2. 2 boys free)
A photographer who was once a university students to study engineering,
A foreginer who is living in Seoul for over 10 years.
This is a project these two boys are making for over 1 year & 7 months.
#Interview with the two boys
Not that much. We just make decision for the location one day before shooting photos, and no scouting for the location.
We just meet on the date and we try to take photos by how we feel on that date.
We just enjoy this project if we just have a camera, nice suite, and a umbrella.
We needed to think out of the box. We just wanted to feel special in normal days.
We have been taking photos photos for over 19 months and now we realize that this project became exciting joy to us.
Surprsingly, we are having fun wherever we go in Seoul because it is not we are obssessed by anything.
So we will keep doing this project until our normal days become special days.
And we will go anywhere to find our freedom if we can go.
We don't care if the location would be domestic, international, north pole or Mt.Everest.
By Wonyoung, Choi (insta@2b_free) & Sardor