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9 Best Myeongdong Street food
Writer TEAMAX Date 2017/06/14 Hit 5799

If you wanna try REAL KOREAN FOOD? 9 Myeongdong Street foods for foodies


Myeongdong is not only popular for its shopping streets, but it also offers a lot of varieties of food that every foodie must try! It’s not THAT cheap, but when you’re already on the streets of Myeongdong, it will be totally hard to resist to try them all !

1. Odeng

Price: 1,000 KRW per stick

This is probably the cheapest street food that you can buy here in Myeongdong, and they are everywhere. This is basically a fishcake on a skewer. A supppper hot soup is also included which tastes like seafood broth and they say that this is actually good for hangover.

2. Tteokbokki

Price: 2,500 to 3,500 per plate/cup

It’s a popular Korean snack made from rice cake with sweet chili red sauce. Not for the weak when it comes to spicy food! I got this twice, the first one is okay, not that spicy, but then the second time that I bought it, it’s like soooo spicy. Maybe because I got it from 2 different vendors haha Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of spicy foods

3. Gyeranppang (Korean Egg Bread)

Price: 1,500 KRW

The sweet bread and salty egg on top is totally a match made from heaven! It’s really popular during winter but I think they got this all year around. Bet you’ll be craving for this again after eating one lol

4.Banana Milk

Price: 1,500 KRW

The price varies from where you buy it. Usually, there are some convenience stores that sells this from 1,200 KRW to 1,500 KRW. On the streets of Myeongdong, its price is usually 1,500 KRW.

Anyways, this is like my favorite drink in Seoul. haha I remember buying 5 of this Banana Milk on my first day in Seoul. Got addicted to it resulting for me to buy this literally everyday when i was in Korea. They got this in 4 flavors: banana, strawberry, banana light and melon. But banana is personally my favorite flavor even though i already tried them all.

5.Strawberry Mochi

Price: 2,000 KRW per piece

I looooove strawberries so it’s no wonder why I fell in love with this Strawberry Mochi. It’s a mochi filled ball with a whole strawberry in it and it tastes so damn good after i tried it for the first time, i bought 4 more pieces hahaha A must try for a sweet tooth like me ❤

6. Yangnyeom Tongdak (Korean Fried Chicken)

Price: 5,000 KRW per cup

It’s a combination of sweet and spicy, crunchy, bite-size chicken with some rice cakes in it. Probably one of the best fried chicken i ever had. I was hesitant to buy a cup at first because a) before trying this, i already ate a lot, like A LOT of streetfoods and b) it’s quite pricey for a small cup of chicken but.. i still bought one. hahaha #TheHungryTraveller.

7. Tteokgalbi Meatballs

Price: 3,000 KRW per stick

These are basically Korean beef meatballs. It’s a combination of sweet and just the right amount of saltiness. It’s pretty tasty actually. Sometimes, they put mayo on top of these babies which makes it even tastier. Definitely a must try!