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Busan International Foreign School (BIFS) Outdoor Education Doomo Village
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BIFS (Busan International Foreign School) Pusan ​​International Foreign School Outdoor Education

(Pusan ​​International Children's School is located in Haeundae, Songjeong.

Since its establishment in 1983, it has provided outstanding education and programs for foreign communities in Busan.

Busan International Foreign School is a nonprofit school where students from over 30 countries study.



It was the Max type and the first event that I met at the level 2 test site last winter.

And together with the outdoor outdoors,  there is not enough experience to point out

It was a burden to me to proceed in English.  


The place was a strange "Namhae". To get to this place, Jeju Island moved to Gimhae Airport by me.

Then I moved from Busan West Terminal to Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal and moved to Doom Village with Max. 


The first village I visited was really a place that was exciting for me to participate as an assistant instructor in a Korean place.

Every single house in the village was blended together, and the wide ocean behind the houses was their whole life. 


And the accommodation is also a system operated directly by residents, 

It was a place where so-called "fair trade" took place. 


As we arrived the day before, we started to look around here for a preliminary tour.

From the first time students come to stay, go to the program, eat at the place, kayak course, water safety, etc.  

I was thoroughly prepared and I met students the next day. 


The students arrived at the village of Dumo.

Several Korean students and students of various nationalities, such as Russia, USA and UK, set foot in the village.


As soon as they arrived, they led them to their hostel, the bed was absent, and the environment where the fishing villages spread out in front of them was merely marvelous to the children. It seemed that I did not get excited already because my friends said that they were sleeping together. When I talked for a long time, the sound was reduced. 


Max and I have now moved the students to the kayak center, where most of the students were first to see kayaks.

So, after a brief orientation, I finished my education on the ground, from basic water safety, wearing a life jacket to kayaking. 

So we started kayaking to the South Sea.






It is very effective as a group activity because it is not easy to control oneself freely.

First, I made a circle to avoid the desire to move at will,

To make it, I grabbed each other's paddles and started to fix it. 


After making the kayak bridge and photographing it, a small expedition began which was not as easy as going to the village next door. 


It was great to kayak because the weather was cloudy. And we go to the side town twice so once

I was moved. I've been crossing the rocky cliffs all the way to here.

The scenery of Jeju Island came to me with great impact.


I could not tell from the distance that I saw the sea directly from the sea,

It was like a different world. We arrived at the next village so we had a kayak on the edge of the beach.

 I drank water and had a little free time.




Swimming time that can not be missed by water activities .. It suppresses the big desire to jump in kayak

There was no playground here for all the children.

This place is covered with gravel instead of sand in the beach





About 15 minutes later, we were ready to go back.

We arrived on the last course and went fishing and experience fishing with fishermen.

In fact, the rain began to fall from this point and the students began to feel a little cold.

But when it was cold, it was a bait that I saw for the first time in my life.

I was quickly forgetting the cold while watching the fish being caught. 

I started to catch one or two.




Today's highlight time has come. Adults in the neighborhood gave me time to prepare dishes at the town hall. 

Here is a delicious kimchi stew and fish we caught a while ago. And until now! 


Whether or not the children liked the meeting, they had the best experience. 


One day in the village of Doom was passing by on the first day so safely.



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