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Busan International Foreign School (BIFS) Outdoor Education
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(The town of Tangen is a place where the tallest of the 45-degree slopes that are brought down to the sea is built with stone piles and 108-story terraced rice fields

 It is a place where you can see the ancient wisdom of your ancestors.


At the breakfast town hall, we finished breakfast in various cereals, breads, and milk, and moved to the village of Tauranga.

The students responded that they were similar to Machupicchus when they saw the villages on a high slope and the dense houses on the slope 

Then, he came down in front of the town hall.

Because the rain was falling, the first load brought to the building.

 After a brief discussion with the youth president, he changed to an indoor program. 






Just a flick of yourself! 


Basically, we know that the flick is a progression of two people, while the flick that we learn here is a flick that we do on our own.

 It is a game in which threads are placed on both wrists, one hand is held and the other fingers are used to make various shapes. 



Although Korean people may be used to it from their young age, most of them were the first to do this 

But as we showed the demonstrations in front of us and proceeded in order, we soon followed suit. 

The first thing to do is to play with a simple game. 




And the rain began to stop. 

And the grandmother was welcomed with us, and according to the pre-arranged house, the landlady took her students home with her.

 We were assigned to the room and immediately prepared for the Amazing Race. 




The Amazing Race is to carry out a mission mission to the team, identify problems themselves, communicate with villagers and carry out tasks.

Especially, teamwork is an important game. 


I communicated safety-related content along with the game description, and immediately proceeded to play the game. 


Finding a spot in the village, finding a symbolic spot in the village,

Interview with the elderly who have the most livelihood in the village, etc. There were many interesting missions. 


Foreign children who are poor Korean. Inhabited neighborhoods in English ...

It is interesting to have a good time, and when I explained it as a base in Baden, I soon got time to laugh with the residents, 

When the children were trying to understand them, they were forced to laugh. 










The Amazing Race ended, and we started to reapply for the water activities.

We walked for about 10 minutes on foot and reached the magnificent beach. 







There we were able to do sea rafting and play with swimming.

Especially, I have an experience of catching loach,

 When you bring your hand close to the stone hole, the loach will bite it. If you put it into the cup at this time, it is successful! 

This method is only possible here in our country .. I tried to catch one more before I was sorry. 






So I finished the morning afternoon and everyone moved to their home. The evening could be eaten at a Korean restaurant in the village. 

Wherever they went, the children's uniqueness caught their eye, and so did the restaurants. 

Is it possible for foreign children to eat our home food? I was worried, 

I did not worry about kimchi and spicy foods as much as I thought I was worried about the badness of eating. 


Normally, the program should have ended here, but there are still a lot of programs left to us!

 The first kite flying! I will write a wish to the kite and burn it in the sky with a fire. 









We were forced to close our eyes by seeing the flying kite. 

Everyone seemed to like their wishes. Then, gathered in the rural school playground, 

We had three or four team building programs and soon followed campfire. 




I saw that the big trees that seemed to be unable to burn were getting smaller, and I felt that the time was getting slower.

 We talked about each other's thoughts and talked about the schedule for tomorrow, so we learned that our day was over.