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Busan International Foreign School (BIFS) Outdoor Education
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I saw a lot of snowy children in the morning and laughed. Obviously it is the last day and it is expected to have played until early morning. 

Then, I was able to see me who had become friendly with them. I can not speak English, but did you sleep well? Are not you tired today? And so on. 


In the morning, we ate lunch at the town hall, packed our bags, and headed to Jinshan. Yes, it is Jinshan trek, the highlight of today!






(Geumsan was covered with silk with the whole mountain in return for opening the Joseon Dynasty at the end of 100 days prayer on this mountain in the late Late Goryeo period 

It is said to have been called Geumsan by using "gold" which means silk. 

There is a barram rock at the top as a prayer place, and it is also called as the three major prayer places along with Yangyang Naksansa Temple and Kanghwa Bomun Temple in Korea. 

If you go to the barram, you can see superb scenery, and many tourists come up to see it. )







The students were fortunate to be able to go up to the top by the bus, so the trekking time was not long.

 So we can enjoy every corner of the summit and barley. They were more curious because they had no chance to see these buildings,

 Despite the control of the area due to the fallen trees due to the typhoon, I was busy moving around and taking pictures. 






And then began to Hassan. Hassan was able to see various species of creatures, 

When the steep sections came out, they were able to come down with a pair of marks, holding hands to relate to each other. 







I boarded the bus that was already waiting and moved to the Lovely Restaurant. Just to eat the most famous anchovy ssambap in the South Sea! 

However, unlike the idea, the finger-sized anchovy and the whole of the bone-eating food seemed to be a bit out of place for them. 

Teachers tried a few minutes, but the look is so good. 

However, they said that they took food directly from here, and they could see the challenge of chopsticks.

 I was proud of seeing the challenge until the end, but on the other hand I was sorry. 


Now they are on the bus to move to school. 


I want to gather together outside the restaurant and say hello to each other, and to share a word with each other.