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Canadian Powder Expedition - Way to the Sacred Land of Powder
Writer TEAMAX Date 2018/07/04 Hit 353
Day 1

Air Canada with fresh air and superior service )
It was scheduled to travel to Canada's champagne powder sanctuary, Kelowna Airport , by using Air Canada to listen to Vancouver, the center of western Canada The flight boarding time afternoon 5 when 50 because it was the minute we IIA PM 2 had generously went smoothly check in until half past But the drones we were going to take were a problem Previously , it was said that it was possible to take it out by separating the battery, but since it can not be from this year, it is possible to take a drone to Canada safely in the end after the complaints are done for a while .
Across the wide Pacific Ocean ......)
It took about 10 hours from Incheon International Airport to Vancouver International Airport in Canada But it seems to have spent the long time eating without mind A total of three meals arose before arriving in Vancouver , which brought us a steadily large amount of delicious meals as we were sitting in the airplane   First of all, it was a beer, a wine, a drink and a new movie .Although it was Air Canada, it was the airline that showed the best service, cleanliness and kindness among overseas airlines so farFrom now on, we will go to Air Canada unconditionally !
(From Vancouver International Airport )
Kim Chang-soo from Vancouver International Airport )
We were not going to change international flights, but were going to change domestic flights. After passing through the immigration office, finding our luggage, we had to go through customs and then board domestic flights again It was a propeller-type passenger plane that was very surprising to me when I was on the domestic flight We all have a moment to say, ' What if this goes down ?' I got to give a joke we all make a surprisingly quiet and the best Kelowna (Kelowna) was brought to the international airport .
Propeller plane that made it cool to chat with all of the ! In fact, many a wee bit scary .)
Jim Loyd was already at the airport at Kelowna airport and he showed us to the Big White Ski Resort shuttle bus The beautiful snowy country of Canada on the way was, of course, the winter kingdom .
Upon arriving at the Big White Ski Resort Trevor , the Vice President of Sales Marketing , was waiting for us and we began to admire the Big White Ski Resort facilities from then on .
Big White Ski Resort 's main feature is that the ski villages are located in the middle of the mountainside, which is very different from the other ski resorts that form the village from the bottom of the mountain, and thanks to this unique location, You will be able to see the best scenery in Canada .

Also, I do not need to mention the huge snowfall of the Big White Ski Resort , and I would like to say the most fairy-tale atmosphere of this ski resort The picture of the whole village is very similar to the atmosphere of a European fairy tale that we looked at in a childhood, so we were almost as if we were in a fairy tale .
Big White Ski Resort 's rooms have three types of rooms , all of which are self-catering, and the top-rated rooms have privateoutdoor hot tubs available only to families or groups The night view from there is really enough to solve all the poetry .
Dinner 6 at Half Trevor in two with dinner in the hotel lobby, we Trevor Meet the gondola to the ski area in the main Village Steak & Wine headed to the restaurant It was a luxury restaurant for families or groups , and is recommended for skiers who want to enjoy Canadian style dining .
The Kelowna area , where the Big White Ski Resort is located , is famous for its wine production , where the wines are said to be very good wines in Canada The reason why the wine is famous is that the grapes grown in the desert area of the Kelowna area are very good, so the grape wine is also a top grade wine .
So after a good evening with Trevor , we went to bed waiting for the first powder skirt to start the next day .

I am excited about my first skating in Canada and then I wear the equipment beforehand ...)