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Canadian Powder Fellowship - Big White Ski Resort
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Day 2 Big White Ski Resort Powder Skiing
Chang - Soo pro's ! Big screen on extended trip for the first skiing resorts in the site ...)
Breakfast at Big White Resort )
Yijeongdo amount should be a simple one is the breakfast servings .)

Early in the morning I changed to a ski outfit and ate at Sante 's restaurant, which Trevor had informed yesterday We thought it was a simple breakfast and ordered the food lightly I just packed my breakfast on the boat and went to the meeting place at the appointed time .

Gary, a 70-year-old Korean who showed great fitness and a sking )
There was Gary from the Big White Ski School and we greeted each other and started the skating We thought of a light skiing tour, but we were surprised at Gary 's guiding which goes down so fast and goes down, but we got along very hard .
The lightly slope tour after earnest Gary is off-piste were start the tour , was already chaohreun to the hidden state jaw " Ah ~This Canadian skiing yiguna " began the tree runs and powder skiing without, and also feel free .
After several off-piste skits, suddenly wondered about Gary 's age Because this looks eye wrinkles and white beard out gogglesGary tried to guess the age , all the companions Gary approximately 50 jyeotneunde throw the question and think one late former, astonished everyone astonished Huck to hear that sixty-nine years I did not In Korea, it was about seventy - seventy - one - year - old If you were like Korea, you are a senior who keeps a long term in the path , but he was showing off-piste with a much faster young skater than us and us younger It was the moment when my head was bowed and I really thought that people should have such a nice age .

I gave leave a deep impression on Gary! Was a skier who is really nice . I like that I hope I can also see old age ski and healthy like that heard the nice old I think motivation ).
In the morning, Gary ends and with skiing, we did a short meeting , so it is only masking Bonnie Big White did not get signed off pretty pictures and videos from the ski slopes in the afternoon rejected a guide and walk around by ourselves had to take a photo and video work The appointment for lunch was an appointment with Josh , and Josh was the general manager of the Big White Ski School Josh for lunch and what to Korea Big White Ski Resort can we promote this while trying to talk like that Josh is the old2007 and haeteotdago the International Inter Yongpyong Ski Championships in the years of participation in Canadian demonstratorEng Yes Josh was a Canadian ski demon struter I saw pictures of Yongpyeong that Josh showed me and I thought it would be more difficult to ski with him in the afternoon.Josh tells us a nice place and rides a couple of times and he goes back to his office .

Josh Foster of Big White Ski Resort, a Demon Stranger in Canada )
Hmm .. I figured, but also very fast and tough afternoon skiing Josh showed Camel Back Course is really a lot of powder, and became a very good place because of the steep slope Since Josh has left, we have had to go back to the Village Center to dotwo more photos of the time and then head for the next schedule, Siver Star .

Last afternoon sketch photos at Big White Resort )
Big White Ski Resort is really cute, but it is packed with all the courses that are easy to ride You can enjoy all of the mogul courses and powder skimming courses for well-organized slopes and off-piste- loving skiers for carving skills Big White Ski Resort is a great ski resort for skiers looking for a family resort .