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Canadian Powder Fellowship - Home of champagne powder, Silver Star SKi Resort fi
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Canadian Powder Fellowship - Silver Star Ski Resort Day with champagne powder
Silver Star was a very famous place for the legendary skiers' home stadium of the Canadian Ski Instructors Association namedNorman in the " Power Ski " video taken by South Korean coach Yang Sung-chul after taking Canada Level .
Silver Star ski resort I 2007 was woochan the name of the ski resort sometimes heard the name of his brother while in Whistler in Canada , remember that woochan often heard his brother say very famous for its champagne powder .

The first impression of the Silver Star Ski Resort Village was that it seemed to have moved the town from the fairy tale The small, compact and colorful buildings were gathered in the square and the buildings stood in perfect harmony with the beautiful white snow field and the surrounding scenery as if the matchbox had been stacked and the buildings were like Christmas trees, I was surrounded by lights .
I forgot about the morning appointment with Jacqueline, who is in charge of marketing silver star, and stood staring at the village in the middle of the silver star ski village Then, suddenly, on the ship, I was moved to the dining room where Jacqueline and the morning promise were set up in the bell sound of the " breakfast .

It was a typical American style restaurant Inside the café, the fragrant coffee muted, and the smell of delicious bread, which seemed to be roasted in the morning, prompted skiers' noses and belly .
At last, Jacqueline appeared and had already heard it, but Jacqueline's delightful and very funny jokes made people who talked with very comfortable Today Mountain Guides Silver Star to guide and Glenn Silver Star Ski School instructors with Jacqueline(Glen) was to a degree greeted with and breakfast , I listened to feel a whole somewhat like a professional rock climber's body yeoksido yet thin, like Bruce Lee in Asia We had a lot of muscles and it seemed so slippery that we were all nervous .
Because yesterday, very soundly trained in Big White Ski Resort (?) Customized today we did not think this book was because adding more gently'll deohaetji .
Jacqueline explaining the Silver Star ski resort slopes )
Too funny and good guide , Glen )
Breakfast and listening to the many stories Jacqueline is to look around on the way to the ski school and ski syapdeul the Silver Star for Silver Star ski resort " Champagne Powder silver only star " was just a taste sinsindangbu look Glen in front of snow sports office (Glen) have been waiting for us, holding ski report ski boots .
Now finally the Holy Land of the legendary champagne powder ' Silver Star ' is the first ski in .
Contrary to our concerns, Glenn showed a very different style of guiding compared to previous ski instructors at Big White Resort Moderately to skiing and enough cultural and historical description from where the buildings or terrain features that should explain carefully the beautiful scenery or something in the middle, and more than anything was met by our curiositywhenever the description ends 'Photo time' barrage to and I took a picture with us in a very funny posing Honestly it was very fun and enjoyable touring .





Silver Star 's surprise was that it was very light snowy eyes When skiing like that like skiing in Japan " Judges Isaac ' felt throwing the sound was felt strongly pressed to go across into the eyes as my body and ski slopes .
It was snow with very good snow The feeling of the silver stars' slopes was felt as if they had brought down the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Canada .
The scale is smaller than Whistler Blackcomb, but the slopes of SilverStar are so colorful and very interesting that they feel all the slopes that seemed fun in Whistler Blackcomb .
The slopes are of the highest grade among beginner, intermediate, and upper grades , and the most impressive is the course with mosques of the size of a car that was in a double black diamond It was an exaggerated course where I had to ride the mogul protruding from the wall .
So godly, Glen and I ran in the morning and lunch with Jacqueline at a restaurant in the heart of the Silverstar ski resort and talked a lot about Silver Star at dinner with both Jacqueline and Glen and the Canadian Powder Fellowship .
It was a really good place to meet with many friends .


In the afternoon , I decided to go to the back side of the silver star The horse is the back side Geujeseoya before we go to Canada , backcountry skiing tour " back of the Silver Star Silver Star ski resorts when the request (back side) had to understand that I heard an answer that alone is enough .
Glenn continued to make us happy by taking only the key places of the Silverstar ski resort A rich champagne powder. On the course of the snowy slope, I was playing all day long, so the afternoon was over and the first day of the silver star was finished.






The silver star resort hotels we stayed in were all hotels with fully equipped kitchens After dinner, I went to bed with my favorite food ingredients and after dinner I went to sleep on my bed and dreamed of having a powder skirt tomorrow .