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Canadian Powder Fellowship - home of Champagne Powder, Silver Star SKi Resort la
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Canadian Powder Fellowship -
Silver Star Ski Resort on the second day of the champagne powder home
I was thinking of skiing in Silver Star champagne powder, so I naturally woke early .
In the morning sun shining through the window of the hotel, you can have a nice breakfast, prepare your breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast, watch the map of Silver Star ski area and recall the areas you visited with Glen yesterday I went skating and checked where I was going to shoot .
PM 3 Starting o'clock had scheduled a tour of the hotel manager and Silver Star ski resort of Silver Star ski resorts .
And at 5 pm, Jacqueline was scheduled to walk us to a place in the city where we could take a shuttle bus to Levelstone Ski Resort, which was a very busy schedule .

The morning of Silver Star is refreshing, too It was very nice weather and I was so fascinated by the scenery of the building and the ski resort of the fairy-tale silver star ski resort .
It is a ski resort that I would personally like to come back with close friends .

We decided to go directly to the back side of the Silver Star ski resort which was fun .
Silver Star Resort's back side has so many slopes, superb powder and a variety of convenient facilities that you can say that it is really a collection of courses that all skiers will like Moreover , it is a place where there is nothing to say except the nature mogue which is a house-like , and is really the best .
After learning the courses on the backside in earnest, I started taking pictures .




Because there are so many natural phenomena and steep slopes where the slopes are approaching 40 degrees, I was able to get very dynamic powder skimming pictures
There were so many slopes that I could not get to ride, so I had to concentrate on my mind to work on my photographs .
Why It Back side slopes If you go to Silver Star ski resorts because like you will know, called the ride a difficult course at Silver Star ski resort, but show a lot of fun and beautiful scenery for so skiers must be a back side that tarball from the surface Recommended .
The weather was cloudy and the beautiful sunshine of Canada came out of the clouds and the backsides began to shine beautifully, and we were more resilient and went on more courses to take more pictures .


After eating lunch at the restaurant on the backside course, I decided to go back to the backcountry course on the silver side of the silver star ski resort .
Backcountry To go to the skatecourse area, go down to the El Dorado slope from the top of the backside course and walk up the Nordic course, a pride of the Silverstar ski resort .

El was Dora started to help the Nordic course to climb and enjoy the surrounding landscape slowly after wearing the skins for skis climbing where to meet , about 1 Release your skin Upon reaching the vicinity after the amount of time elapsed summit was powder skiing preparation .
It seemed that he entered the wrong course The trees were too dense and seemed not to be a formal backcountry course .Apparently it was the best powder snow falling over the waist, but the course was too rough to descend and the trees were too dense .

It seemed that he had to go up to the summit, but since he had already started downhill, he came down steadily down the ridge and valley, and again he met El Dorado slope and gave a sigh of relief and moved to the restaurant in front of the ticket office where Changsu was to meet him .
After arriving at the restaurant, Jacqueline, Changsu-hyung and Jung-kyu had already ordered food, and we had to move to Levelstock in the afternoon so we rushed to dinner early, followed by Jacqueline, I was moved to the city center by carrying a body to the ignorant jeep vehicle .
Jacqueline's Ignorant Jeep Vehicle )


(I finally arrived at Levelstone Ski Resort )
At the end of the hotel lobby, Jacqueline and I took off on a shuttle bus to take our party to Levelstock .
Now, what adventures are waiting for Revelstoke?