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Canadian Powder Fellowship - Extreme Powdered Skins, Revelstoke Day 1
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Canadian Powder Fellowship
First day of level ski ski resort -

Revelstoke Ski Resort , located just north of BC in Canada , is an emerging powder ski area for many backcountry skiers around the world due to the extreme slope slopes and abundant snow cover, It is the receiving place .
I was also attracted to the infinite imagination by listening to it from before, and above all , I was totally fascinated by the Duel Helmet Cam episode that I saw on Salomon Priusky TV , and the background of it was levelstock, so go to LevelStock, It was the car I wanted .
I had a dream come true the morning of the first day of powder skating .
I hurriedly packed my gear and moved to Levelstone Ski Resort Village It was very convenient because it was less than 5minutes walk from our hostel . Unlike other ski resorts, the village of Levelsk Ski Resort was very small .

Before meeting Levelstock ski instructor, I met Matt , a CSIA level 3 instructor from Australia who would have breakfast in Village restaurant and guide me on the first day in front of the Level Stokes main gondola station, and set myself on the gondola I moved to the gondola almost to the top of the mountain through the middle middle gondola base From there, I changed to a lift that rises to the top and finally reached the level-top The dignity of the Canadian mountains ......
(From the left Ryu Hyunggon , Sung Kyung Han , Matt , and Max )
Mat (Matt) is a warm-up hajamyeo down as fleeting It seemed to be a very difficult day for today because it was very hard starting from the first sking, and the prediction was right As we closely tracked Matt's back, the mat moved more and more at a time and longer Moreover, the slope grades only went round one of the black or double black courses .
I thought this was a physical training exercise at the College of Physical Education But I had to breathe so much and admire the beautiful Canadian mountain scenery and the stunning slopes Could not this be a normal slope fun I was really impressed with the design .
Backstage slope of level stock )

Matt's off-piste ski courses of level stock )

Abundant powder eye of the backside slope )
In addition, we matte doubt he did this formidable skills of skiing , earnest Moguls course and off-piste began to attend intensive courses only Though it was more physically burdensome to take such courses with heavy powder skiing, the leveled slopes and other very interesting snow playgrounds welcomed us indefinitely .
It was like a ski resort that the sky made .
It's such a fun and exciting course ......
Indeed, Canada is a heaven for skiers .
When the stamina disappeared, I finally found a restaurant on Mount Levelstone for lunch Eating and slowly there haeteotneunde the mat and many stories , Australian Matt has settled in the good to the Canadian Revelstoke here , also CSIA level 3 ttanji of the seven were the years and continue for CSIA level 4 hard to picking It is said to be training It is said that they are studying the avalanche training and the guide training separately in order to do the backcountry skiing guide here It was a wonderful enthusiastic lecturer .
A bird watching the scenery we sit in during the lunch break )
After lunch, I decided to do a powder skating in earnest And of course photographing ......
Matt took us to a good powder place in Levelstock , especially the backstage behind Levelstock was a really cool powder placeMatt, who was a guide, was also invited to take part in the shoot with our invitation to become more interesting powder skatingIt was very funny to take a shot of a powdered skalk with a single cut in Matt's eyes After a full ride from the backside, we decided to walk up to the top of Levelstock .

(A pair of feet toward the top of the level stock )
It was hard to walk so much because of snow, but when I saw LevelStock's snow ghost and saw the scenery at the top, the hi-kiss that had been hard to work had disappeared from my head .
I finally started powder skating from the top As leveled up and as hard as we could, Levelstock gave us a nice powder of snow, and as a result we were able to get good pictures too .

So after the first skate at Levelstock, we plunged into our dreams, pledging tomorrow .