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Canadian Powder Fellowship - Extreme Powdered Skins, Revelstoke Last Day
Writer TEAMAX Date 2018/07/04 Hit 1022
Canadian Powder Fellowship
Level Stok Ski Resort Day 2 -
Finally, the last day of the Canadian expedition was bright .
In fact, I was so tired during my journey that I was exhausted from my body and mind and hoped to have a rest a day .However, Canada also came to the world-famous levelstock, so I could not just relax, so I grabbed my mind and hurriedly packed my gear and left the hotel room .

This morning there was a breakfast appointment with levelstock marketing and sales representatives We had a delicious breakfast and discussed how to promote and sell levelstock to Korean skiers It was a very good time to hear the marketing ideas of Canada other than Korea .
I went to the gondola bus stop after breakfast We did not have a staff to guide us especially because it was the day we decided to take pictures and video shoots between us The gondola rides up to the summit , but the weather is very cloudy I do not feel well .

(The soul runs away on a murderous schedule !)

Sure enough, I arrived at the top , due to the dense fog seemed hard to shoot photos or video There was a good powder eye near the top , and it was very disappointing When can I find a level stock and take a powder image here I have no pledge......
Avalanche Training Field in Level Stock )
Levelstockers heading to the summit in bad weather )
(The top of the mountain did not look so good )

We first moved from the top to the back side slope and decided to see the state Also, the back side of the shave did not look good So, me and Ryu Hyunggon, and three of them are going to the mountain side, which is a little bit of a good weather, and Changsu decided to take pictures and pictures from the Bowl side where there is a lot of snow on the back side slope .

(The mountainside was fine with the view )
I and Jung - gi and Jung - han moved to the middle of the mountain But it was not Powder Eyes that would have a nice picture and photo To make matters worse, the drones floated in the mist and lost to take a picture of a beautiful snow mountain that showed its way through the mountain fog for a while .
The camera also contained precious video footage taken during that time Once I gave up the filming, Jung and I joined Jangsu and continued to shoot images and photos from the back side and decided to go around the spot where the dron might have fallen .

(When I was searching for the drone and wandered the mountainside, Changsu and others were shooting powder skirts and pictures in the backside bowl .)
I went to the levelstop gondola at the Levelstock Gondola, because I could not find the trail of the Dondurion although I went to the mountain for two hours I waited a long time there and met Changsu and another party It was like a Canadian invitation to come back again, though I am sorry to say that the last sking is over .
I had a bad night at the last dinner at Levelstock .
Lindsay , the marketing manager who explained Levelston Ski Village on tour )
(With level-stalk behind )
(On shuttle to hotel near Kelona airport )

Local hotel near Kelona airport ! Airport was near, facilities were fine, too )
Enjoying the last supper in Canada at a restaurant in the hotel near Kelowna Airport )