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Canadian Powder Fellowship - The Last Epilogue: Leaving Canada ... ...
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Canadian Powder Fellowship
Last epilogue : leaving Canada ... ... -
Canada is such a place to satisfy its travelers , no matter what form of adventure it takes Among them, winter in Canada is a place where skiers of all levels are happy .
At the time of the first off-piste skiing or looking for the best powder , Canada is always the best .
It is indeed the best luck to have been able to pick out only the most " hot " places in Canada's ski resorts, a paradise for those skiers .Familial resort, yet everything with the Big White Ski Resort , exquisite champagne powder, powder snow and fairy tales silver embroidered, such as turning the hearts of our Powder expedition to the ski village of concentric Star Ski Resort , designed for powder enthusiasts find the and Extreme Powder skiing courses The combination of these three men to the level ski ski resort has allowed me to test my physical strength as well as my skiing skills, and at the same time, it is the place where I have brought the best feeling of happiness at the same time .
One who specializes in skiing this great opportunity to travel back to ' Hello skiing (' those officials and the Canadian Tourism Commission and taps, Chang - Soo professional skier's also really appreciate .
Also , thanks to Ryu Hyunggon who has suffered until the last day , and also the very kind skiers .
Pray that someday soon I will be able to visit Canada again ... ...