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50 hours adventure - Mt. Fuji backcountry skiing
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In Japan, three there are many more than one thousand meters Alpine , among them Mount Fuji near Tokyo in the Japanese Heart(3800 meters ), this is the highest mountain in Japan also Mount Fuji is a mountain which is upon the religious significance of Japan's unique rosseodo very sacred .
I always wanted to do backcountry skating in Mt. Fuji in Japan Then the back-country skiing and French friends chinhaejin in Halla in South Korea and Ulleungdo as Romain improvised in the banquet ' Hey, let's backcountry skiing again at our Mount Fuji in Japan , has become the promise of something which had been a man said to each other .
So, both of them planned and timed and put off their holidays because of their schedule. Finally, Romain was appointed as the branch of Hong Kong, and I also forgot about the backcountry backcountry for a while .
Max 3 Mon at the end of 2 nights 3 Let backcountry skiing at Mt. days It was a line of email So we met on Thursday eveningand decided to venture on Mt. Fuji for the next 50 hours for two days and one night .
- The way to Mt. Fuji
After the trip to Mt. Fuji, I got a departure place at Gimhae Airport because I had a bike excursion schedule with representatives of bicycle travel agencies in Thailand Gimhae International Airport in Busan for the first time as coy + I also expect , the size is small enough, then Gimpo Airport, but the scent of something unique in Seoul Gyeongsang very good .
Landscape of Gimhae International Airport ! In fact, Gimhae International Airport is the first ).
(It is made in Japan Mt. Fuji !)