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50 Hour Adventure - Start the Adventure
Writer TEAMAX Date 2018/07/04 Hit 486
Always geojiman feel every time I see the clouds outside the window , the clouds have all eyes followed him wonder how much fun skiing on the other side ?Fun alone imagine ).
Thursday, March 23 , 2014 Thursday at 7 pm (50 hour adventure begins )
Found in Mt. Welcome Greetings match in Japan .)
I arrived at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan I feel always, but Japan is clean and well organized We met at Romain and Narita Airport and decided to move to Mt. Fuji, but there was a mistake from the beginning Narita airport arrival terminal 2 will be former one We did not even think about it and waited for the train tickets to Tokyo from different terminals So I decided to meet in Tokyo and meet up with my luggage on the train, meet in Tokyo and go to the train to Kawaguchiko with Mt. Fuji , and I met a crowd of returning passengers in the middle of the complicated Tokyo subway station How could he grab those big ski bags and take a ride on the train to Kawaguchiko , barely breathing and asking each other about the current situation .
Train scenery in Japan ! The floor was wooden floor, so it felt classical .)
Romain is not a professional climber, but an expert Born and raised in the Mont Blanc region of the French Alps, he grew up there and from there he ran the alps in the town of Rudenfels (?) And acted as a mountain skier in youth It is also a man of hard work that completes the trail running hardcore course ' Alps Montblanc Trail Running ' course In our country, trail running Jeju 1haeteotgo such as South America Ecuador 6 is an adventure enthusiasts to climb one thousand meters down hill ski mountains .His job is unusual enough, the French bank 'Societe General' of IT is the project manager The adventure guy is a little awkward because his computer is a job .
Romain, born in the French Alps with a steel heart and lungs )
2016.03.25 01:00 AM Friday ( adventure 6 hours )
It was not until midnight Kawaguchiko had arrived at the pre- Romain check-in the guest house haedun booking and was simply asked for a beer, and hurried to lock the schedule for tomorrow .